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Google develops new web security

10th Mar 17 2:17 pm

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Google has developed a new system to help tackle web security.

Captcha checks usually ask people to solve a puzzle that computers would usually struggle with.

There purpose is to stop automated bots from accessing websites.

Google have come up with a new idea, its system tracks how a person uses a website to prove they are real. The puzzles will no longer be necessary for most people.

Captcha checks can often be used when concert tickets are sold, this is to stop people setting up automated bots to buy all the tickets.

They can also make an appearance when someone is trying to log in but puts in the wrong password.

Google’s reCaptcha system has already been able to simplify the process in web security. It asks a person to tick a check box in a website they are using. The box is then able to monitor how an individual has interacted with it, this is when it can figure out natural clicks from ones coming from a bot.

Google’s latest development means that it can get rid of the check box, it analyses how people have interacted with other elements of the website.

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