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Give your employees First Aid training

21st Aug 17 3:11 pm

Here’s what you need to know

On the subject of activities outside the regular office duties, First Aid training should be one of the most highly prioritized things that you push for your employees to receive. There are multiple reasons why you would want to invest time and resources into having your employees trained for First Aid, and we’re going to go over them and see why it’s recommended.

Preventing tragedies

First and foremost, the top reason why you should give your employees training in First Aid solutions such as CPR is because it could save their lives. If everyone at the office knows what to do in a situation of emergency, you reduce the chances of there being a tragedy at the office considerably.  Of course, they won’t be able to perform miracles for situations where things have escalated well beyond First Aid, but that’s not so often the case. Most of the times, when someone gets in a pickle, knowing First Aid can save the day.

A different kind of teambuilding

Companies from all around the world invest in teambuilding experiences that have been done before and everyone expects to see. First Aid training can be a different type of teambuilding simply because it brings employees together in a unique way. They are getting to know each other better on the premise of learning how to save each other’s life. There’s nothing more personal and encouraging than that, and most people should come out of that sort of an experience with a lot of positive feelings towards their office mates.

Good rep

If your office receives public or if customers have visual access to what your staff is doing, First Aid can be a major rep boost. Just imagine that someone is choking on a peanut or isn’t feeling that well while in the waiting room to be received by you or your staff. When one of your people intervenes and gives them First Aid, it will boost your company’s image substantially and will provide your company with a kind of publicity that is very hard, if not impossible to replicate. Not to mention that with the way in which social media delivers and spreads content these days, you’ll be getting huge amounts of online presence without having to lift a finger.

Of course, all this can only come at the expense of someone’s wellbeing, so it’s not really something you’d wish for. But in the eventuality of a bad thing happening, having your employees trained to turn it into a positive outcome will yield great publicity for the company.

These are some of the rather compelling reasons for which you should invest in First Aid training. There are nothing but benefic outcomes for this sort of office activity and the investment would be returned tenfold, one way or another. Whether it’s increased publicity and free marketing or the welfare of an employee and ultimately the whole office, you always stand to benefit from teaching your people such a valuable skill set.

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