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Getting ahead in tech

22nd Sep 17 3:09 pm

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Few industries are as cutthroat and fast-moving as tech. In tech, the latest ideas get outdated fast and newer ideas are stolen. Companies that aren’t agile and creative fall apart or are absorbed into more innovative ones. Start-up owners and employees work long hours against long odds, and big companies are always fending off new competitors.

So how can you and your organisation get ahead in tech? There’s no foolproof method, but you can start by focusing on a few key skills and avoiding a few common pitfalls.

Clean and organized means fast and agile 

Tech companies rely on code and systems. But those codes and systems don’t always serve the same purpose, and the same people don’t always work on them day after day. With shifting goals and changing casts, it becomes essential that codes and systems be clean and organissed.

The advantage lies with the company that has great documentation, gets and keeps good logs (with the help of a log management system), and hires engineers whose code is organized and full of helpful comments. If anyone can step in and fix or innovate things, your company is agile enough to get ahead in tech.

Mobility and remote work

The ability to support employees wherever they are is key to a good tech company. Remote work is a huge part of work-life balance in the tech industry, so you’ll need to have a good way to manage it if you’re going to attract the best talent and get the most out of them. Fortunately, managed mobile IT services are something that you can outsource.

Ideas that flow up

Organisation is key in tech, but you also need to have clear communication from every level of the company to the top. Start-ups can take chunks out of even the biggest companies, which is why many tech companies strive to create startup cultures within their own companies. Be open to innovations and ideas from people at every pay grade, and consider hosting codeathons and other events that can double as team-building and idea generators.

You never know where the next idea might come from in tech, but if you keep your door open to fresh ideas in-house, you might be lucky enough to find that the next big idea comes from inside of your own organsation. With organized code and and a commitment to best practices, you’ll be able to quickly adapt your business to the fresh idea. And with proper support for mobile work, you’ll be able to attract top talent and support your team wherever they need (or want) to be.

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