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France to cause major disruption for UK tourists

by LLB Reporter
14th Jan 21 5:11 pm

British tourists who are planning to visit the EU in the coming months could experience severe disruption and delays amid the new Brexit rules in place.

Those travelling to France have already experienced their sandwiches and food being taken off them as French border officials are enforcing the new rules “to the letter.”

Political commentator Iain Dale has warned that further issues could develop at the French border.

Dale said, “The thing is we all know that customs officials, in fact officials all over the place, if they want to enforce the law to the letter of the law they are perfectly entitled to do that.

“But common sense would suggest that sandwiches are not going to endanger the entire population of the Netherlands.

“I think we are going to see a lot of this in France as well.

“We all know the officials in Calais, if they want to enforce the law to the letter, they will do so.

“This is going to go on for some time, I imagine for several months.

“But it will calm down and people will get used to the new regulations and trade will flow normally.

“But it may be a bit hairy for the next two or three months.”

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