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France blames Boris Johnson for 27 migrants lives lost despite ‘£54m of UK’s taxpayers money paid to the French to prevent this

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
25th Nov 21 1:22 pm

France is blaming the British government for the loss of 27 migrants drowning in the English Channel on Wednesday despite £54m of British taxpayers money has been given to the French government to prevent them arriving at our shores.

French politicians are pointing the finger at the UK authorities for failing to tackle the migrant issue and Boris Johnson has called on France to agree joint police patrols.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the loss of 27 lives was an “absolute tragedy” and then blamed human trafficking gangs as they promise migrants the “El Dorado of England” costing migrants “thousands of euros.”

The Prime Minister spoke with President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday evening and Downing Street said both leaders have agreed to “keep all options on the table” to stop human trafficking gangs putting lives at risk.

Darmanin told French radio network RTL that the smugglers are “criminals, people who exploit the misery of others, of women and children, there were pregnant women, children who died yesterday on that boat… and for a few thousand euros they promise them ‘El Dorado in England.’

“And, sadly, this has been repeated every day for the last 20-years.”

Franck Dhersin, the vice president of transport for the northern Hauts-de-France region, told French TV station BFMTV, “In France what do we do? We arrest the smugglers.

“To fight them, there’s only one way, we need to stop the organisations, you need to arrest the mafia chiefs.

“And the mafia chiefs live in London… They live in London peacefully, in beautiful villas, they earn hundreds of millions of euros every year, and they reinvest that money in the City.

“And so it’s very easy for the tax authorities to find them.”

Five women and girl with one reported to be pregnant drowned in the English Channel and two survivors were taken to a French hospital.

Darmanin said the boat which sank in the Channel was very flimsy, likening it to “a pool you blow up in your garden.”

The Prime Minister led a Cobra meeting on Thursday and said it is clear the French operations are not “enough” to prevent migrants leaving their shores for England despite £54m of British taxpayers money to stop this.

Johnson said that the human traffickers are “literally getting away with murder”

The mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart who does not want to accept any responsibility said  it is the British who are to blame and called on Johnson to “face up to his responsibilities.”

Speaking to French media Bouchart said, “The British Government is to blame. I believe that Boris Johnson has, for the past year and a half, cynically chosen to blame France.”

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