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Four tips for choosing the best loan

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2nd Mar 20 10:49 am

Whenever you are in a financial crunch, the best option around you is Personal loans. It is a convenient financial resource that can fund your emergency requirements quickly in a hassle-free way.

A personal loan allows you to meet any financial obligations without any constraints.  So, if you want to plan a vacation abroad or need to deal with any financial emergency, a personal loan is a great rescue. But you must have some basic knowledge about how to choose the best loan, to crack a good deal. With ample of lenders available in the market, finding a reasonable loan deal is not an easy task.

So, here are the four tips which help you in choosing the best loan:

A lender with easy eligibility criteria

A best personal loan is the one that you can procure easily without any stringent terms and conditions. It will speed up the process of acquiring a loan. There would be no delay in the approval and verification process when the lender suggests easy guidelines to adhere to. Hence, look out for a lender for which you comply, like the monthly salary requirements, age, and other prescribed criteria.

Repayment flexibility

The flexible tenor of repayment delivers you the best borrowing experience. You can speed up the repayments as and when it is convenient for you to cut down the interest cost. It also helps in reducing the chances of default, and you can significantly improve your credit score.

Many lenders levy hefty charges in the event of pre-payment of loan. It would help if you enquired about the lender policy for repayment and also for pre-payment schedules to get the best personal loan deals.

Additional charges

At times, there are specific hidden fees which are levy by the lender at the time of procurement of loan. It adds to the cost of borrowing and pinches your pocket hard. Hence, before comparing loans, it is essential to assess the various costs associated with them, including the hidden charges (if any). Look out for the lenders who offer a transparent loan policy without any hidden fees.

If you are offered a personal loan with considerably low-interest charges, the chances are high that there may be some hidden costs associated with that. Bounce charges, secure fees, processing fees, penal interest are some of the essential expenses which one should not overlook while finalizing a personal loan.

A comparison of the rate of interest

A personal loan is best when you can procure it at the least rate of interest. The interest you pay is the cost of credit to you and thus account for the affordability of the loan. Rate of interest is generally determined by the lending considering several factors such as type of loan – secured or unsecured, your credit score, and the market rate of interest on such a specific loan. Say, unsecured loans have a higher rate of interest as compared to the secured loans. Similarly, if you have a credit score, you have better chances to procure a loan at a lower interest rate than the person who has a bad or moderate credit score.

To get the best loan, it is crucial to consider this factor checklist!

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