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Former KGB agent claims that ‘insane’ Vladimir Putin has ‘dementia’ and ‘can be now compared with Stalin’ before his death

by LLB political Reporter
3rd May 22 12:38 pm

Ex-Russian spy Boris Karpichkov who defected to the West has claimed that Mad Vlad is “most likely suffering from early stage dementia and Parkinson’s,” he added that he is “insane” as he becoming “obsessed by paranoid ideas.”

The former KGB agent said that Vladimir Putin’s inner circle are probably being kept in the dark about his physical health.

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Karpichkov, told The Sun that Putin is “insane” and becoming “obsessed by paranoid ideas” and he is interrogating doctors which echo’s that of Stalin in he last years before his death.

“He sees literally everyone, including those inside the Russian security services and even inside his close inner circle, to be ‘traitors’,” Karpichkov added.

“He is so suspicious and so obsessed with his paranoia ideas that he can be now compared with Stalin.

“Another potential issue might be, judging from how he moves that Putin can be suffering from the initial stages of either Parkinson’s, or another serious disorder caused by some form of cancer, brain tumour, for example.”

He continued, “I am not a medic myself… but there is a serious concern that Putin is suffering from numerous physical health conditions – possibly from the sport injuries during his younger years.

“This is along with some issues which affect older people – such as Dementia in the early stages.”

Texas Tech University body language expert Professor Erik Bucy said watching the Russian President he is a “astonishingly weakened Putin” compared to how he appeared just a few years ago.

He said, “An able-bodied president would not need to keep himself propped up with a hand held out for leverage and would not be concerned about keeping both feet planted on the ground.”

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