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Five reasons why mechanical ventilation and heat recovery units save you money

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20th May 20 10:34 am

Every year we spend hundreds of millions of pounds on home improvements, but so little of that is spent on improving the quality of our home heating and ventilation.

Mechanical ventilations and heat recovery (MVHR) units have become an incredibly popular way for people to improve the heat and condition of the air in their home, and make an investment that will help them save money. By replacing an old or broken water boiler heat system, like you will find in many homes, with a modern MVHR system you can see a drastic reduction in your home heating bills, and an improvement in the quality of the air in your home. They can also help you get some space back!

MVHR units are incredibly energy efficient

Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery units use a lot less energy than traditional heating systems. They draw in fresh air from outside the house, filter it for dust and harmful particles, and then heat it before distributing it around the house to warm your home.

When the system removes stale air from your home, it uses a heat exchanger to reclaim to heat from to old air to warm the fresh air it draws in. This is incredibly energy efficient, and ensure your home is filled with clean, fresh air.

If you need a heating system, there is no better choice

MVHR systems are very competitively priced. If you need to replace a broken or old hot water boiling system, then a heat recovery system is a much more economic option, and can begin saving you money right away. If your home has an existing heating system that is in good working order, then replacing it with an MVHR is less economically attractive.

Installation is quick and cheap

One of the benefits of a heat recovery system is its simple and quick installation, which helps keep the cost down.

Some people have even taken a DIY approach to mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems, and completed some of the installation themselves to make some extra savings. You will still require a qualified and experienced professional to finish the installation for you, however, and ensure that all the work is satisfactory.

There are a wide range of units available

The massive range of MVHR units that are available means that systems can be tailormade to suit your home and heating demands.

Check out this guide at https://www.bpcventilation.com/choosing-a-mvhr-unit for some help on choosing the right one for you. BPC ventilation have decades of experience working with MVHR systems, and provide a one stop service to design and install mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems for homes and businesses.

These systems are an asset, adding 21st century value to any home

Energy efficient homes are becoming more and more desirable on the property market, and people are starting to expect features like MVHR units that will help them save money, and reduce their carbon emissions, while they live at the property. MVHR systems are an asset that can add value to your home, and make it more desirable to prospective buyers in the future.

MVHR units are a great way to cut carbon emissions, save money, and provide your home with warm, clean air all year around.

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