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Five effective ways to keep employees happy and productive

by John Saunders
23rd Aug 21 9:43 am

As a manager, do you often take time to assess how happy your workers are? This is something paramount if you want to enjoy high retention. Apart from the better pay and additional perks, your team needs to connect deeper to the company. This is what creates the inner drive to continue offering their services.

If you want to stand out among other leaders in your industry, consider keeping happy workers. This makes them productive, and it makes your managerial work less. Sometimes, well-motivated workers will help in taking your business to the next level. Which are the most remarkable ways to make employees happy and productive?

1. Make workers feel appreciated

Generally, your employees will always try their best to meet the job requirements. At some point, they even go overboard so that they can achieve better results for the company. As a manager, you need to be the first one to notice this. If possible, have a clear plan on how to reward such remarkable workers. This makes them glad they made a recognizable effort hence end up being more productive.

2. Create a friendly working environment

Did you know that the physical layout of the offices is enough to boost the morale of workers? The truth is, workers find themselves more than willing to spend time in a conducive environment. Therefore, a firm’s management needs to invest heavily in the structures such as furniture. Comfy chairs and ergonomic tables make the place feel comfy; hence, workers can work for hours without getting tired. Consider also installing some HVAC systems so that the air quality and temperatures will be friendly.

3. Ensure efficient employee leave management

A company needs to be superb in giving enough time for workers to relax and re-energize after many months of work. An annual leave typically helps in fighting mental burnout comprehensively. As a manager, plan for the time-offs well to have a clear outline of how the leave program is. Using employee leave management tools without spreadsheets is common these days. If you properly plan for the leaves, it makes your workers know when it is their turn.

It also makes you come up with a workable schedule for the workers in an organized manner. There are fewer chances of a sudden release of employees through this, which may negatively affect the workflow. Strictly follow the management tool for there to be consistency in the leave program.

4. Avoid micromanagement

Every manager wishes to see everything running seamlessly. This, at times, makes them feel like pushing the workers harder so that they can attain the goals fast. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always end up well, as it brings about micromanagement. The staff will see you as if you are too hard on them rather than leaving them to do their job.

Therefore, the right approach is trusting your workers will do their tasks right. Of course, you will need to do the inspection and monitor their way of doing things. The trick is in doing it with moderation. As a result, it makes them even believe in themselves even more.

5. Get your team involved

Making decisions as a company is part of the daily activities. Most of them come from the management. What if you do this differently? Involve your workers in the fundamental decisions by getting their random views. This can help you as a manager knows what they want. You will end up making decisions that everyone will love. Also, it makes them happy, and contentment is knowing that they have a leader who listens to them.

A company stands a chance of making much progress if there is proper human resource management. This makes employees much happier and hence much more productive. Managers have significant roles in making sure that workers feel appreciated. It is suitable for firm leaders to acknowledge the importance of a leave.

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