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Five crucial reasons to invest in a SaXLift lift table

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26th Nov 19 12:19 pm

The world is fast pacing, introducing innovations after innovations each day. Most of these innovations are aimed at improving the work environment and making work much easier.

Lift tables have recently become popular in warehouses and other industries. These tables use the hydraulics concept to lower, lift, and tilt workloads across the workplace.

As such, they’ve become crucial tools in industries dealing with heavy machines.

Nonetheless, the subject of whether or not you need them in your industry is still a hot topic today. Most managers don’t know if these tables are the best investments for their company.

Therefore, below, we have compiled a list of five reasons why investing in lift tables will work out correctly for your business.

1. Its effect on safety

Lift tables are known to have numerous benefits to businesses. However, their impact on safety is probably their most significant feature.

Most workers tend to develop back pains and other muscle injuries during the repetitive tasks of lifting and lowering items. This, in turn, results in their absenteeism or presenteeism, where employees come to work sick.

Such an occurrence causes a significant negative impact on your work’s productivity. One of the best ways to tackle this is by investing in SaxLift’s lift table.

The tables were designed to lift and lower loads gently at a reasonable height, thus aiding workers in this task. As a result, the worker’s working conditions improve, and the risks of developing back, muscle or joint pains, significantly reduce.

2. Impact on Productivity

Another significant benefit of lift tables is that they bring in a positive effect on work productivity. It accomplishes this in various ways.

For one, the tables improve the working conditions of employees. As a result, the rate of employee absenteeism reduces as their health in is top shape.

The workers, therefore, get to work much faster and better hence accomplish their tasks on time.

Secondly, a lift table works much faster than workers. They complete lifting or lowering tasks much quicker than other employees. As such, if it’s being used in manufacturing industries, lifting materials for processing becomes much faster.

It, therefore, helps save many hours of labor and, thus, better productivity.

3. Improves flexibility and creativity

Flexibility and creativity is the feature needed in most machines in industries today. Lift tables offer just that.

When you want to work on different loads at different heights, lift tables can lift your load as high as you want to suit your task. Moreover, it works perfectly for people of all heights as the tables lift weights to the desired heights.

Moreover, lift tables help you gain access to new angles for your loads. This makes it easier to complete tasks such as inspection or welding.

Depending on the task you’re doing, you can tilt the table at a specific angle to complete the task. Consequently, you may develop new ways of tackling your task.

4. Numerous applications

Lift tables come in different sizes and capabilities, depending on the nature of your industry. Different tables can thus lift and lower different magnitudes of loads.

You, therefore, have a variety of sizes to choose from.

Moreover, they can be applied to different areas of the industry. From inspection, machine and conveyor feeding and offloading, and repairs, to quality control, Lift tables are the perfect solutions for your industry.

5. Budget-friendly solution

With the many benefits and advantages lift tables have for an industry, you might think that it’s expensive.  It’s not.

For one, quality lift tables, such as those from SaxLift, are very durable, and so, by investing in it once, you’ll save a lot on future costs. Secondly, the table requires minimal maintenance, and its maintenance cost is relatively low.

Therefore, you’ll save up a lot by investing in this table.


There are numerous benefits of investing in a quality Lift table. It’s not only useful in tackling employee safety, but it also helps improve productivity, flexibility, and budget-friendliness.

You, therefore, can never go wrong with Lift tables.

For the best quality lift tables, get your table from SaxLift. You’ll not regret it!

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