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Five benefits of an online industrial auction

by LLB Reporter
30th Oct 17 2:26 pm

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Have you ever wondered how to host industrial auctions? If so, you aren’t alone. While you can do this in person, at your location, there is another – possibly better – option. By hosing an online industrial auction, you can reap a number of appealing benefits.

If you have industrial equipment that you want to sell or get rid of, you should know that you don’t have to do this on your own. With an online auction you can quickly and easily get rid of these items while gaining the money you need to handle other expenses and issues.

Learn more about the benefits offered by an online industrial auction here.

1. Gain Access to a Large Number of Buyers

Think about it, if you were to host an industrial auction at your location, or in your town, how many buyers do you think would show up? In most cases, the reach of your auction would be minimal – at best. However, with an online auction, you have a much broader audience, which means the possibility of selling your items is much, much higher.

Because you are hosting the auction online, you have an international, worldwide audience, potentially. This will give the items you have for sale large exposure, which means a higher likelihood for selling the for a higher price, or selling them at all.

2. Have More Control Over the Selling Process

Another benefit offered by an online industrial auction is the fact that you are going to have much more control over the selling process. With an online auction, you (as the seller) have the ability to screen your buyers and view their bidding profiles. You can also see their prior associations and ensure they will pay before making a bid. As a seller, you also have the ability to set a reserve on certain pieces of equipment to ensure your assets are protected and that the items don’t sell for too low of a price. With an online auction, you can stipulate other terms of the sale, as well, including pickup, removal and payments.

3. It’s Ideal for Selling Just a Few Items

If you were having a traditional auction, onsite, and there aren’t enough different items for sale, then you won’t be able to get enough attention or buyers to make it worth your while. With an online auction, you have more flexibility which allows you to sell as many items or as few items as you desire. Also, the bigger the sale is, the more attention that it is going to get from possible buyers, which is always a good thing.

4. It’s a Cost-Effective Option

In most cases, an online auction is going to be much more affordable for you, as a seller, than one that is onsite. A traditional auction held at your property requires much more labor and planning. This is all going to increase the cost of the auction for you, the seller. However, with an online auction, you can quickly set everything up and they won’t require the same level of effort that a traditional onsite auction does.

5. Reduces the Overall Impact On Your Day to Day Operations

Because an online auction is held remotely, there are not any interruptions to your day to day operations. With a traditional, onsite auction, buyers will be showing up to look at and inspect what is being sold. This can cause quite a large disruption costing you productivity and money. All this is avoidable with an online auction.

If you have industrial equipment to sell, it is wise to consider the benefits offered by an online auction. This option just makes sense in most cases. Make sure to keep this in mind that way you can get the absolute best price for the items you are planning to sell. In the long run this is going to pay off.

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