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Five advanced Instagram hacks to grow your small business

by John Saunders
26th Feb 19 8:41 pm

How would you react if someone told you Instagram marketing is the best social media marketing platform for your business? Well, it is! Every business, whether small, medium, or large need an active social media presence. It is, however, more important for small businesses.

Over the years, Instagram has grown to a major marketing platform from being a social networking site where users share selfies and videos.

80% of accounts follow a business according to the Instagram user data. This proves that users are willing to engage and follow brands on Instagram. With more than 400 million active users daily, below are strategies that will drive the growth of your business.

1. Use your existing customers to promote your profile

Starting an Instagram account comes with zero followers. You can get a little discouraged since you have to start from scratch. However, instead of trying to get random followers, who know nothing about you or your brand, why don’t you reach out to your existing customers?

You can start with those who have subscribed to your emails, as well as those customers you get to interact with physically. Promoting your profile on other marketing channels such as YouTube, purchase receipts and other social networks will also earn you followers.

2. Make sure every post exhibits your brand image

Now that you’ve got followers, why are they following your profile? One reason why people follow your profile is that they are interested in your brands’ product and services.

Spend your time planning what your feed strategy will be then publish photos accordingly. For instance, you can choose to alternate images from a product shot to a lifestyle shot or rather one that can fit across the board. It is important to stick religiously to your artistic vision such that your Instagram feed tells a unique story and conveys you target customers’ lifestyle.

3. Follow brands related to your industry

One good thing about Instagram is, it allows users to collaborate. Therefore, it is advisable that you follow other brands and engage well with them. It is, however, not guaranteed that you will be followed back especially by big brands.

Be on the lookout for those in your niche that post brilliant content that attract massive traffic and find ways to collaborate with them to promote your business.

You can repost their photos on your page but also remember to give them credit for the post.

4. Make great use of the shoppable posts

Showing products to your consumers is never in enough. With Instagram, you have the opportunity to sell products directly through their platform.

60% of people use Instagram to find new products with 75% of those people taking action after viewing the post. To generate sales, ensure there is a link attached to the post directing the consumer to the product page where they can buy the product.

Shoppable posts have less friction and increase your driving conversion chances. This strategy is far more efficient compared to past strategies where posts about a product would be accompanied by a caption like ‘find this on our website’ and too many steps.

5. Use hashtags and engage your audience

Through hashtags, your content will appear in search results and attract new customers. To get more Instagram likes using popular hashtags, ensure you do some hashtag research in advance by thinking in terms of topic baskets or hashtag sets.

Your hashtag should not be too generic since it could get lost in that noise. For instance, if your brand targets women, you could use a niche such as #womenprenuer to reach your target audience.

What would be the need of having a lot of audiences if you are not engaging them? Ensure you engage your audience by following them as well as liking and commenting on their posts. This will lead them to visit your page more often.


Have you been finding it difficult to scale through your business? You now have the hacks to grow your business and generate more sales. For many small businesses, Instagram is a fantastic branding opportunity. However, growing a large and engaging following can be time-consuming.

Don’t have an Instagram marketing platform for your business yet?  Create one right away and watch your business grow tremendously.

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