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Extinction Rebellion to ‘take stock’ as protester was dragged of Tube

by LLB Reporter
17th Oct 19 1:10 pm

Extinction Rebellion (XR) organisers have announced they will “take stock” as a protester was physically dragged from the top of a Tube carriage and fell on to the platform.

Furious commuters crowded the Tube train where two activists could be seen on top of a carriage, followed by ugly scenes on Thursday morning rush hour at Canning Town.

Insults from a very angry crowd of commuters were shouted at the two XR activists and on person shouted, “I need to get to work, I have to feed my kids.”

Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan took to Twitter over the failed protest at Canning Town and said,

The only ‘shocking’ bit is that these selfish stupid XR cretins thought they could stop working class people in the East End trying to go to work on public transport…. To quote a phrase: How DARE you? I stand 100% with the Canning Town chump-dumpers.”

A Transport for London (TfL) staff member tried to intervene to prevent the angry commuters attacking the activist.

An XR spokesman Howard Rees, told the PA news agency, “Was it the right thing to do? I am not sure.

“I think we will have to have a period of reflection. It is too early to say.

“I think we need to take stock of it.”

Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour MP asked, “So what point is Extinction Rebellion making shutting down east London’s public transport system, preventing ordinary people from getting to work, school, hospital?”

However, XR co-founder Clare Farrell defended the Tube action, she said, “The public, I don’t think, realise quite how serious this situation is.”

British Transport Police (BTP) said they had made four arrests.

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