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Exposed: China’s real coronavirus death toll at least over a million

by LLB Reporter
13th Apr 20 9:26 am

The US, the UK and intelligence agencies across the world have all accused China of a huge cover up over their coronavirus death toll, along with how it originated.

Those who are working on the frontline in Wuhan, China say the true number of deaths is shockingly higher than what the authorities are letting on.

The Chinese authorities have officially declared the death toll being 3,343 in Wuhan, but the real figure could be at least more than 120,000.

Sources in Wuhan claimed crematoriums across China were running 24 hours a day, with at least 40,000 extra funeral urns sent to Wuhan, which was the epicentre of the outbreak.

Chinese dissident Jennifer Zeng, who has monitored the outbreak through contacts around the country, said, “Many sources told us Wuhan was preparing to build 15 more makeshift hospitals to cope with the number of victims.

“But after President Xi’s visit, officials suddenly declared hospital patients should be sent home.

“Patients were released without being properly diagnosed and tested. They wanted the city to reopen for economic activity, so they just pretended the virus was totally under control.

“But we have seen videos of bodies being moved at night, people collapsing in the street, and we’ve heard from hospitals with 100 victims in the past week.

“The figure of 3,000 deaths is absolute b******s.

“Based on the world average and Italy’s ratio, I believe there have been dozens of thousands of deaths at least.

“It is possible there have been hundreds of thousands of deaths.”

Another source, Guangxi province said, “Some people say this number should be multiplied by 10. Others say it should be multiplied by 40.

“They delivered 40,000 funeral urns to Wuhan, so everyone knows the government figure is a lie.”

In multiplying the death rate by 40, means there were at least 3.3m who had died.

The death rate of coronavirus thus far has been 90 per million in the UK, Spain has been 300 per million and China claim to only of had just 2.4 people per million.

The population of China is around 1.4bn, with over 11m living in Wuhan, where the outbreak originated from in December 2019.

The UK has a population of over 67m whilst Spain is 46.7m.

China claims to only of had 83,135 cases of coronavirus with just 3,343 given the size of their population.

Professor Cowling, co-director of the World Health Organisation’s Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the University of Hong Kong, said, China could have massively underestimated cases as they only counted people with advance symptoms, such as pneumonia.

The Secret Intelligent Service (SIS) also known as MI6 are urging the British government to rethink their relationship with China after the global pandemic.

The security service, also known as MI5 with MI6 have raised serious concerns over China’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The UK security services have started tighter controls on strategic industries and technology to protect the intelligence sector, along with restricting takeovers to prevent leaks.

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