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Expert says more lockdowns are ‘unlikely’ and do ‘order that turkey’ but avoid skiing in Austria

by LLB political Reporter
23rd Nov 21 11:06 am

Due to the UK’s world class vaccination programme more than 80% are now vaccinated with their second dose and boosters are being offered to those in their 40s.

Daily deaths are down by 5.2% to 1,027 and on Tuesday more than 44,000 cases were recorded and 292,000 tested positive over the last seven days.

Despite the fact infection rates have increased overall in the community those who have had both vaccines and the third jab means there is increased immunity, unlike the ‘dark days of March’ 2020.

The UK looks set to go from a pandemic to an endemic as a result of timely lockdowns and the virus can now be controlled as a result of the vaccine programme.

Scientists are now saying that future lockdowns in the UK looks “unlikely” like we are seeing across Europe.

Sir John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford, told Radio, “Back in the dark days of March, April, May 2020, everybody said, ‘Oh gosh, aren’t the Germans clever, they haven’t got any Covid and aren’t the Brits dumb because they’ve got lots of it?’

“Actually I don’t think it has quite played out that way.

“One of the interesting things is that it may well be that the delay in lockdown in the UK, the pretty extensive level of disease, has given us longer-term protection.”

New data now suggests that Germany has taken over the UK as they now have the highest death rate in Europe and Austria now has the highest infection rate than they had throughout the pandemic.

Sir Bell added, “They’ve been much more assiduous about lockdowns, about keeping away from the virus and then they released.

“They took their foot off the brake a month, six weeks ago, without a lot of testing in place to know what was going on.

“And you might argue that the exposure to the virus that we had in the first wave is now paying dividends, because we’ve got a lot of people who’ve had natural infection.

“My advice is, order that turkey, because it’ll be all fine.

“And if you’re planning a skiing holiday in Austria, things may not go so well.”

Nadhim Zahawi MP appeared on LBC Radio, argued that the government’s plans to protect the public are working along with the rollout of booster jabs.

Zahawi said, “Our four-step plan meant that we were able to open up the economy in the summer.

“Some said it was a mistake, I think it was absolutely the right thing to do.”

He added, “We will probably, I hope, without being complacent, be the first major economy in the world to demonstrate how you transition [from] pandemic to endemic using vaccines.”

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