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Expert claims Kim Jong-un is ‘almost certainly’ dead

by LLB Reporter
27th Apr 20 3:35 pm

It has been claimed that North Korea’s despot leader is “almost certainly” dead and, Kim Yo Jong, his sister will succeed him.

Roy Calley a journalist who has visited North Korea over ten times has said if the news is true then grief followed by a “complete breakdown in society” will happen.

Many more media outlets are saying that Jong-un is in a vegetative state after heart surgery whilst others are saying he has died.

Calley told the Express, “I think these rumours are almost certainly true, especially with the arrival of the personal train.

“Knowing the country the way I do, I’m convinced they would parade him to the world if he was okay. They wouldn’t want this speculation.

“The carriage where the dear leader, Kim Jong-il, Kim’s father, died is still on public display, so they will obviously be preparing for an announcement.

“This might be delayed for quite some time, as the outpouring of grief across the country is like nothing you will see anywhere else.

“I’m also wondering if the population have any idea at the moment, bearing in mind the lack of access to news not released by the government.”

It was reported on Monday morning that North Korean leader is “alive and well” according to South Korea, and he has been “staying in the Wonsan area.”

Moon Chung-in, the top foreign policy adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, told CNN, “Our government position is firm.

Calley said, “The succession will almost certainly be his sister in my opinion.

“She has accompanied him on many events and seems to the obvious transition.

“How a female will be accepted by the public will be interesting, although the Kim dynasty has the bloodline and won’t be challenged.

“There will be absolutely no change to the way the country is run, simply because the Juche Theory ideology is so ingrained in the culture. It will just run seamlessly.”

The vice director of Hong Kong Satellite Television (HKSTV) Shijian Xingzou, said a “very solid source” told her Kim Jong Un, is already dead.

US Senator Lindsey Graham said he would be “shocked” if the despot was not “dead or incapacitated.”

The US Senator said such rumours in North Korea over the death would not be allowed to go “unanswered,” since he has not been seen since 11 April.

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