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Everything you need to set up your very own photobooth

by LLB Reporter
2nd Jan 18 7:51 am

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Coming up with a photobooth is not a process that is too complicated. However, you will need to make some small investments and it is very important to choose the right equipment for it. Only use products that offer a good quality and don’t make a purchase without doing a little bit of research first.

Here are our top suggestions for equipment that can be used to set up a photobooth:


A good computer is also important for a photobooth since the software work properly on it. Our recommendation is the Intel i3 or i5 computer. It comes with Windows 10 as an operating system and its hard drive has 500 GB, 7200 Sata II. It has an Intel i3 or i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM, DDR3 1333.


Do not underestimate the importance of a printer. If you want your pictures to look good you will need to find a printer that is compatible with a photographer’s wishes. The Mitsubishi D70 Dye Sublimation Printer is such a printer. It is already well known that it works great with any photographic needs and it is lightly built which means that it is not that difficult to move it around.

The Mitsubishi D70 Dye Sublimation Printer has a print capacity of 4×6 400 prints and its printing speeds are 3.5 x 5″: approx. 7.7 sec; 4 x 6″: approx. 8.4 sec; 5 x 7″: approx. 12.7; 6 x 8″: approx. 14.5 sec. The printer’s dimensions are 446 (D) x 170 (H) x 275 (W) mm and it only weights 12 km.

The printer uses the dye sublimation thermal transfer method to print and its resolution is 300 dpi. In terms of interface, the Mitsubishi D70 Dye Sublimation Printer comes with Hi-Speed USB Ver.2.0.


The monitor plays a big part for any photographer. You need to see the pictures as clearly as possible so you can make any necessary improvements. That is why touchscreen monitors come in handy. Take a look at the Elo 22’’ Touchscreen Monitor.

This monitor comes with 16.7 million colours, Full HD resolution 1920×1080 50,60Hz and 16:9 aspect ratio. It has 3 year manufacturers’ warranty and there is extra protection thanks to the fact that they are permanently build in to the case.


A good camera option would be the Canon EOS 1300D 18.0 MP DSLR Camera. Since it is responsible for how the pictures will turn out, the camera is probably one of the most important parts of a Photobooth. This model comes with 18 million mega pixels, a 8 GB San Disk Extreme SD card, 1080 video recording and Camera AC mains power live feed. The camera will also need a tripod and you will need to find one that is stable enough.

Other things

A proper photobooth will also need some additional things such as props and costumes. You do not need to invest too much, just get something fun from the dollar store. You can also have some lights, or even a white umbrella to bounce light.

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