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Everything you need to know about Ecig.com

12th Jun 17 8:40 am

Here’s what they said

We caught up with the CEO and Founder of Ecig.com, Stefan Gol to find out more about his business and what they’re trying to achieve.

For those who don’t know, what is Ecig.com?

Founded in 2014, Ecig.com offers a variety of quality e-cigarettes, e-juices, and accessories at the best prices found online. First established at our retail location in the heart of Austin, Texas, Ecig.com came into existence out of necessity. We were frustrated about having to place orders from multiple stores to get what we needed, exhausted from the price-gouging vendors overcharging, and discouraged by companies that just didn’t seem to care about customers.

Since our launch in Texas, we’ve opened a second office in sunny Deerfield Beach, Florida. With these two offices, we’ve found that we’re better able to assist our customers in a timely manner without having to increase our prices like our competitors. Customer service is important to us and with our outgoing and knowledgeable customer service team on hand to answer all your questions, you’ll find your experience with us nothing short of outstanding! Our vapor shop products are all 100% authentic and the prices we offer provide a whole new meaning to the term “affordable”.

How did you come up with the idea behind the business? 

I run multiple businesses, and the ecig business was born simply because we know it’s a good business and that we could rise above our competitors with competitive prices and solutions for our clients.

What is your role and who founded the business?

I am the CEO and founder of Ecig.com. Before I was the CMO of the company.

How do people buy your products in the UK? Is it a difficult process?

We do ship to U.K. It’s a simple process. After the order is placed, we use different companies to ship the product. We have contracts with many.

What’s been the company’s biggest success so far?

Having opened our retail location in the heart of Austin, Texas.

What failures have the business faced? How did it get through it?

We are proud to say that we are growing our sales daily. So no failures so far.

What do you think is the best thing about Ecig.com?

Eig.com offer affordable prices in an industry that’s saturated with overpriced devices.

Ecig.com initiate unbeatable customer service, achieving record-high customer satisfaction in the process.

Ecig.com bring innovative brand-name products to the vaping community.

What do customers think of your products?

We’re on a mission to ensure customer satisfaction in a way that no one else in the vaping industry can; without fault. This is accomplished through our three-tier mission. Affordability, customer satisfaction, and innovation make Ecig.com your one-stop online shop that has it all. Make sure to check out our New Arrivals section for our newest vapes and vape accessories!

Where do you think the business will go in the future?

We want to keep it growing and open new retail locations in the US and UK.

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