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Everbridge demonstrates rapid global adoption of its IT alerting solutions

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
27th Mar 19 6:59 am

Everbridge, the global leader in critical event management and incident response automation to keep businesses running, today announced rapid global adoption and a record past year for its IT Alerting solution.  Generating 60% year-over-year revenue growth for the offering, introduced in 2017, Everbridge has also achieved a 107% increase in the number of six-figure enterprise deals over the same period last year, including the signing of Fortune 1,000 businesses from the financial services, retail, and business services industries.

Everbridge enterprise customers use its IT Alerting solution to streamline incident response and accelerate resolution in order to reduce unplanned IT work and downtime, and to increase IT efficiency. IT Alerting is leveraged as an enterprise-wide solution, helping organizations break down the silos between responder teams to ensure the quickest resolution to business disruptions.

As incident response software delivered-as-a-service, Everbridge IT Alerting enables organizations to manage, control and automate the response to operational incidents to limit damage and reduce recovery time and costs. IT Alerting provides self-service integration capabilities with IT Operations Management (ITOM), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and IT Service Management (ITSM) tools along with on-call schedule management and automated escalation.  IT Alerting enables enterprises to automatically and efficiently communicate and collaborate with key members of their IT teams, proactively notify impacted business users to minimize damage and keep key stakeholders informed during incident resolution.

Vick Vaishnavi, General Manager of Everbridge’s IT Alerting Business said, “The continued success of our solution is a testament to the fact that many leading enterprises are viewing IT alerting as a critical part of their IT and security strategy.

“In the fourth quarter of 2018, alone, Everbridge signed marquee brands including top airlines, federal agencies, and financial institutions, including one that is undergoing a major automation initiative, where we demonstrated that we can mobilize their global IT staff eight times faster than their previous system.  Our team is committed to offering customers a truly automated and real-time solution, helping them solve incidents faster and more effectively.”

Over the past year, Everbridge has expanded its partner ecosystem for IT Alerting announcing strategic relationships with Cherwell Software, Devoteam, and others.  Everbridge recently announced integration between its IT Alerting solution and IBM’s QRadar Security Intelligence Platform and IBM Resilient.  Demonstrating continued innovation in IT response automation, Everbridge has also recently filed an application for a patent in cognitive response management.

Chris Quinlan, director of service operations at Finastra, a leading financial technology company said, “By leveraging IT Alerting, our organization is able to mobilize teams around the world in minutes to respond to any critical incident.

“Prior to using Everbridge, it could take up to an hour to bring together all relevant stakeholders and technical resources due to the manual effort required to notify and engage everyone.  We are now able to engage any number of teams with a few clicks of the mouse and on average have resources engaged in under five minutes.  This has resulted in an overall reduction of our recovery times across all major incidents.  Our resources also appreciate the ability to be engaged by email, SMS and phone calls to ensure they are responding in a timely manner.”

To cap off 2018, IT Central Station ranked Everbridge as the leading IT alerting and incident management tool of the year for enterprises, based on peer reviews from their user community. Russell Rothstein, CEO of IT Central Station stated, “Congratulations to Everbridge IT Alerting on this outstanding achievement.  There’s nothing like peer reviews from your customers to show just how strong of a leader you are in the incident management space.”

Customer feedback on IT Central Station’s peer review site includes the following:

David Valerius, communication manager at a leading electronic payment services provider said, “Our performance showed us that, for major incidents, we spent over 40 minutes just making manual call-outs. Everbridge IT Alerting has enabled us to cut down response times to two or three minutes.

“IT Alerting enables everybody on our team to focus on their primary responsibilities, driving toward restoration, instead of being distracted by manually calling folks. Considering how many transactions are processed through us in a second, the potential financial savings from even just a minute of reduced outage time can be substantial.  We use IT Alerting multiple times a day, every day, for every bridge call that we host and every engagement of an on-call group that we need.”

With IT Alerting, operational teams remain fully in control of IT task automation by embedding human decision points within workflows. Using bi-directional communications, a user can remotely control the advancement or execution of any step within a process, such as re-starting a server. Remote communications can be performed via SMS, IM, email, or phone.

Dennis Drogseth, vice president, enterprise management associates said, “For digital and IT transformation to take hold, the dialogue across IT functional teams, and between IT and the business it serves, will need to be optimized.

“Enterprises are beginning to recognize the need for a new kind of digital war room that goes well beyond basic notification and equips an organization with tools for team integration and collaboration, response management, and decision making. Everbridge continues to address the needs of today’s enterprise by eliminating communications silos that inhibit incident response.”

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