EU leaders expect Britain to be given 17 months to get a deal on Brexit


What will happen?

EU leaders expect Britain to be given 17 months to obtain a deal on Brexit, this comes after a summit date has been announced.

The Prime Minister said today that the letter notifying the UK’s departure from the EU will be “one of the most important documents in our country’s recent history”.

Leaders from EU countries will hold talks on the 29 April, this will be to agree a negotiating position ahead of the UK’s withdrawal.

As well as this the timing of the summit will give leaders time to think about European Council President Donald Tusk’s response to the PM’s triggering of Article 50.

The timing of the summit means that substantive negotiation will not go ahead until at least May, this will give the PM just 17 month to get hold of a deal.

At a press conference in Brussels, Tusk said: “In view of what was announced in London yesterday, I would like to inform you that I will call a European Council on Saturday April 29 to adopt the guidelines for the Brexit talks.”

“As you all know, I personally wish the UK hadn’t chosen to leave the EU, but the majority of British voters decided otherwise.