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EU are ‘powerless’ to prevent Britain taking back our fisheries

by LLB Reporter
16th Feb 20 3:35 pm

A former fisherman and emergency seaman for 45-years and staunch Brexiteer has echoed the remarks of Tory peer Lord Michael Forsyth, saying the EU are “bluffing” over threats to punish the UK if the PM refuse to compromise over fisheries.

He said the EU are “powerless” to prevent Britain from taking back the control of our waters. Fred told the BBC’s Any Answers that the prime minister must not heed to demands and threats from the EU to give up our waters.

The EU has said they will restrict access of the UK’s financial services should the British prime minister refuse to back down over allowing them to fish in British waters.

He said, “I don’t think we should give up any fisheries for finance services.

“We shouldn’t give up one square inch of our fishing area and we should pull as much back as we can towards the UK.”

President Macron of France has made it clear fisheries must be on the table otherwise negotiations will not be easy for Britain.

Macron has been under pressure and that France must “demand no restrictions” over fishing in a Brexit deal with the British government thus allowing them to fish in our waters.

In criticising the French President, Fred said, “Bring it on I say.

“I hear all the arguments that they may restrict our financial services sector within Europe and I believe they are limited in the way they can do that.

“Politicians may think they are powerful but the exchange rate mechanism in the 1980s showed just how unpowerful they are.”

Lord Forsyth has also hit out at the EU and said if they think are entitled to 60% of our fishing then Britain are “entitled to 60% of grapes in France and we could make our own wine from that.

“The idea that Boris or anyone else could sell out the fishing industry when people voted so comprehensively for Brexit is anathema.”

Lord Forsyth was asked whether finance or fisheries are worth saving, he said, “I work in finance. The City can look after itself.

“But, we don’t need to sell out our key basic industries that are so important to our key coastal communities, particularly in Scotland, which is so dependent on fishing.

“We will be an independent coastal state. That is not to say that Europe won’t come to fish in our water, but it will be on our terms, our interests, we will decide.”

Boris Johnson has insisted that “British fishing grounds are first and foremost for British boats” and any agreement will be based on this understanding.

The EU has previously stated that an agreement on fisheries is a must for any free trade deal with the UK.

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