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Eight tips for creating a landing page that converts

by John Saunders
2nd Jun 20 1:39 pm

Businesses use landing pages for different purposes such as getting people to sign up to a newsletter and making sales. Landing pages are preferred over web pages when there is a specific purpose and audience because the conversion rates tend to be better. However, not every landing page leads to higher conversions. It all depends on how you design your page. This article highlights some tips on how to create a landing page that converts well.

Stick to one purpose

As stated above, landing pages work well when you have a single purpose to fulfil. This is what sets them apart from web pages. Therefore, experts from conversion rate optimisation agency Conversionrate.store recommend not to be tempted to use a single landing page for more than one purpose. If you have more than one goal to fulfil, design a different page for each goal. Sticking to one purpose makes it easy for the target to make a decision. When there are too many decisions to make, your target may be confused and could end up leaving the page without taking any action. Additionally, when you are focused on so many things, you could come across as someone who is pushy or more interested in making sales rather than solving the needs of the target.

Choose the right template

Nowadays, creating a landing page is easy thanks to premade templates. All you have to do is find the right one and add content based on the goal of your campaign. Landing page templates come in different designs. Some are made specifically for signups and others for sales. If you need a free landing page, look for template providers who don’t charge anything. This article “Creating a Powerful Free Landing Page in Under an Hour” from Wix perfectly details everything you need and also points you in the direction of some free templates.

Come up with a catchy title

The title is also an essential consideration when designing a landing page. Most people will not give the rest of the page attention if the title is not catchy. If your headline is bad, people will bounce right back. Also, very few people are likely to share your page if the headline is poor. You can test a few headlines, until you get one with good conversion rates.

Keep it simple

Your landing page doesn’t need a sophisticated design or the toughest vocabulary for conversions to be high. Making things complicated could actually lower the conversion rates. Keep everything simple in such a way that your target audience will not have a hard time trying to figure out what you mean. Write in a conversational tone so that your readers feel like they are talking to a real person and not just reading some marketing material on the internet. Don’t write too much but include all the information that is essential for the reader to make a decision.

Divide the page into sections

Readers love it when they can scan through a page quickly before checking the small details. Thus, dividing your page into sections, instead of having one large block of text, can reduce bounce rates. Small sections also tend to be easier to process compared to large blocks of text.

Use testimonials

Customers trust fellow customers more than they trust brands. Therefore, by using testimonials on your landing page, you can gain the trust of your target audience and achieve better conversion rates. However, don’t fake reviews. Use real reviews from your real customers. If your business doesn’t have any reviews, make some steps to collect some. For instance, you can send follow-up emails after sales requesting your customers to review your products.

Use videos and photos

Your landing page doesn’t have to be all text. Using photos and videos can help boost conversion rates. This is because visuals get more attention than text. Visuals can also evoke greater emotion and keep people on the page for longer. When you use videos, the retention of the message can also be greater compared to text. Finally, visuals can boost the social shares your campaign gets. However, don’t use videos that are too long.

Create outstanding CTAs

Your CTA button should be clear and it should stand out from the rest of the content. It should be the first thing readers identify on the page, otherwise conversion rates will be low. Don’t forget to test to see if they are working. If the links are not working, all your traffic will go to waste. There is no right or wrong color for CTA buttons. Choose based on the colors appearing on the rest of the page and your target audience.

As you create your landing page, don’t forget to come up with a marketing strategy. You can promote your page through email, social media, blog posts and ads among others. Choose the most effective channels based on the goal of the landing page. Also, don’t forget to take into account what will happen once someone takes action on the landing page. You need to plan for this too and ensure the next steps are seamless.

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