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Decorating your London skyscraper office to make it as impressive as the view: Our top tips

by Sarah Dunsby
14th Jul 23 12:30 pm

Renting office space in London is expensive: that’s a fact universally acknowledged. When it comes to renting space in skyscrapers, particularly those in central London, it’s even pricer than cheaper, smaller office spaces.

While you might think that now that there’s less demand for office space, thanks to the rise in remote working, there’d be cheaper rents, you’d be wrong. London’s office rental market has defied the odds and remains pricey thanks to the stunning views and ongoing popularity of this diverse city.

Renting space in a skyscraper, especially one with an amazing name like the Shard, can be a great privallage, and ideal for impressing clients. However, the view isn’t enough: you also need to design a space that has an impact. To help, we’ve listed some practical tips on how to craft the right look for your London skyscraper office.

Make the view the centre of attention

You’ve paid a lot of money for your skyscraper office to have a panoramic view, so you need to make the most of it. Don’t obstruct the windows with bulky furniture or heavy curtains. Instead, use clear glass partitions and streamlined furniture to maintain an open view of the skyline. Additionally, arranging the seating in such a way that it faces the windows can help everyone appreciate the view.

Accentuate the room with beautiful furniture

The furniture in your office will affect the comfort and style of your space, so you need to make sure that you put a lot of time and effort into the pieces you include in your office. Comfort should never be compromised, but you also need to think about aesthetics and select items with a strong visual impact. One great way to find beautiful statement furniture is to visit the Antiques Boutique and check out the stunning period furnishings and objets d’art available there. You’ll then be able to create a bold layout for your office that is timelessly stylish and unique.

Pick out local art

London is a city full of culture and art, and your office should reflect that. Curate a collection of art pieces that not only add visual interest to the space, but also reflect the company’s values and mission. A carefully chosen piece of art can be a great conversation starter. Consider art that showcases and represents the view you’re looking at, or something that highlights features of the surrounding area, to highlight the beauty that you’re basking in.

Incorporate plants into your décor

Plants can improve air quality and create a more calming and refreshing work environment. Plus, they provide a nice contrast to the urban landscape outside. There are many gorgeous, low-maintenance plants that are perfect for an office, so explore a range of foliage to find the ones you like. Once you’ve got your plants, search for stunning pots to accentuate the space further and create a stylish look. Plants are not only good for the appearance of your office, but can also purify the air in the space, so they’re worth considering.

With a commanding view of one of the world’s most iconic cities, the interior design of your skyscraper office should match the awe-inspiring surroundings. Using the tips outlined in this article, you can create a look that has an impact and helps you to make the most of your pricey skyscraper office space.

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