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Dave Antrobus introduces the Caribou Drivers’ app ahead of the 2020 Logistics Awards

by John Saunders
10th Dec 20 2:52 pm

Caribou’s pioneering Drivers’ App enables complete visibility during delivery tracking.

As 2020 draws to a close, Caribou is looking forward to the results of this year’s Logistics Awards. The highly regarded celebration will take place in March, where logistics companies, manufacturers, and retailers will meet in London to share their supply-chain successes. E-commerce has boomed this year at the hands of COVID-19, and competition will be even tougher than usual. But Manchester founded technology-driven logistics company has made some big changes over recent months and is already seeing results from its brand-new Drivers’ App.

Here, Caribou’s Technical Director Dave Antrobus explains why Caribou is in the running for the 2020 Logistics Awards.

State-of-the-art marketplace management

Caribou’s technology-focused approach to logistics makes life easier for businesses, shoppers, and drivers. While many couriers adopt third-party systems or rely on carriers’ portals to help businesses and customers track their parcels, Caribou has designed and implemented its own proprietary carrier and marketplace management system to uphold visibility throughout the delivery process.

Caribou set about its mission to design, test, and deliver a real-time delivery app that provides optimal customer experience by partnering with the app-development agency Cuhu. Together, Caribou and Cuhu launched the industry-leading Drivers’ App to help drivers in the logistics industry to boost efficiency while delivering huge quantities of parcels amid the pandemic. The ground-breaking app has vastly improved visibility and transparency from first sign to track and trace, providing ease of mind for customers and businesses alike during this challenging time.

As one of the smartest systems in the logistics sector, the Drivers’ App provides phenomenal reporting, enabling Caribou to streamline processes such as revenue protection, finance management, customer management, carrier cost analytics, automatic invoicing, warehouse management, and fulfilment, along with a complete freight forwarder operating system. The logistics system continuously captures data to monitor how adjustments can improve efficiency in such a fast-evolving market.

The main technical challenge in creating such a system was to seamlessly connect with Caribou’s partner APIs and integrate on a full scale with the company’s network. Caribou integrates with all major delivery and supplier networks across the UK, including Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, DPD, DHL, UPS, Yodel, Wowcher, Mintsoft, Cloud Commerce Pro, Volo, Veeqo, MetaPack, Linnworks, and Shopify.

Now that the app has launched, Caribou’s staff can tap into their delivery resources quickly and easily. Typically, manual systems require employees to spend a lot of time syncing the data between pallets, routes, and parcels. Caribou’s system overcomes this time-consuming process by syncing the data automatically.

Outstanding app features

These are just a few of the assets that make Caribou’s Drivers’ App stand out in the saturated logistics market.

1. Route planning: once drivers have scanned the barcodes on all parcels to be delivered that day, the app plots the fastest delivery route to optimise delivery time and reduce dead mileage.

2. Driver tracking: Caribou and its customers can track drivers in real-time using the app’s GPS tracking feature. The app pushes tracking events to the Caribou website at every step – including collection, scans on/off vans, warehouse sorting, and delivery status – to uphold visibility at all times.

3. Proof of delivery: the app provides all information that drivers need to deliver parcels. Drivers can use the app to capture electronic proof of delivery, including the recipient’s signature or a photo of the safe location. All electronic proof is automatically time, date, and GPS stamped.

4. Offline mode: connectivity can’t always be guaranteed when drivers are on the road. To overcome this challenge, Caribou and Cuhu designed the app so that all functionality, including proof of delivery, can be performed without a network connection.

5. End-to-end tracking: Caribou’s commitment to complete visibility allows end customers to see where their packages are at any point during the delivery process. This is a game-changer for Caribou’s customers, many of whom plan their days around parcel delivery and need up-to-date information on tracking progress.

6. Responsive design: the logistics system reacts instantly to overloads by switching to another approved supplier. This enables Caribou to eliminate any risk of guesswork and let the system’s advanced algorithms react accordingly when suppliers reach capacity.

7. Ultimate efficiency: the app enables increased speed and scheduling across the delivery process, which is key as Caribou works with firms like Amazon that require logistics companies to manage ultra-quick deliveries and returns.

As a result of these features, the Caribou Drivers’ App has considerably improved efficiency and boosted productivity across the company’s operations. All of Caribou’s drivers now use the app to efficiently plan delivery routes and provide proof of delivery, even when their phones are offline. Meanwhile, the app’s real-time updates allow customers complete flexibility over their other plans while waiting for parcels, meaning that deliveries never have to be a hassle again.

“We opted for a custom-made product because we wanted one which was built specifically for what we do and one which would combat all the manual work that held back speed and efficiency,” says Caribou’s managing director Daryl Dylan. “With access to first-class developers and digital expertise at Cuhu we were able to deliver a system that truly meets the needs of our clients.”

Positive customer feedback

Now that Caribou has rolled out its new app, customers and businesses are delighted with the complete accountability and visibility that the system offers. Here’s just one review from Trustpilot.

“Absolutely brilliant service that couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. Delivering parcels to those in need across the country with reliable pick-ups and excellent cost efficiency. Cannot rate more highly for any business looking to get both service and cost efficiency in one package!” Klaire Peck.

As a technology-driven domestic and international packet and parcel consolidator, Caribou understands that effective marketplace management systems are fundamental to protect platform approval ratings – now more important than ever with the rise of online shopping. Ensuring the right level of support is therefore vital to the success of a logistics business.

Learn more about Caribou at https://wearecaribou.com.

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