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Dave Antrobus and Scott Dylan comment on Inc & Co’s acquisition of MyLife Digital

by John Saunders
20th Aug 20 10:47 am

Manchester’s fast-paced business collective Inc & Co has acquired yet another digital enterprise for its notable portfolio of business transformations. The collective’s latest acquisition, MyLife Digital, is the European market leader in consent and data preference management. As our digital world evolves at the speed of light, Inc & Co and MyLife Digital will work together to help businesses serve modern customers while respecting data privacy.

MyLife Digital engineers software solutions that produce data insights to help companies understand their market positions. The software enables businesses to increase opt-ins, boost engagement, and ensure compliance with data legislation. As specialists in data and privacy, MyLife Digital shows businesses how to collect data compliantly and contact prospects in the most valuable ways to develop trust-based customer relationships. The data-management experts’ current clients include major brands, such as Mitsubishi Motors, Saint-Gobain, Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, and Jewson.

Users can deploy MyLife Digital’s innovative services to multiple touchpoints, improving customer engagement through personalisation and data-driven strategies. The flexible systems integrate with a multitude of business platforms, CRM systems, and digital tools, including Oracle, HubSpot, MailChimp, and Shopify, amongst many others.

‘This is a very exciting time for Fresh Thinking Group as it means we can offer our clients innovative and market-leading products to manage their data.,’ says Dave Antrobus, Technology Director of Inc & Co.


MyLife Digital’s business transformation

Inc & Co will rejuvenate MyLife Digital’s business strategies using funding from Fresh Thinking Group (FTG), an independent capital investment group that provides capital injections and R&D funds to support business reformation and growth. Founded by the specialist private equity and distressed M&A investor Scott Dylan, FTG funds multiple groups, including Inc & Co, each of which benefits from FTG’s high-level business-development operations.

‘This addition represents our commitment to both the digital sector and our goal to help businesses thrive in these difficult times,’ says Scott Dylan.










With FTG funding in place, Inc & Co’s team will work with MyLife Digital’s data specialists to further develop software solutions. These solutions will help MyLife Digital’s clients to engage prospects while complying with new and upcoming personal data legislation. Meanwhile, MyLife Digital’s team of 40 will prove invaluable to Inc & Co’s shared collective; each team member offers impressive experience and knowledge in the charity, utilities, and transportation sectors.

Inc & Co’s Dave Antrobus will lead MyLife Digital’s new technical developments and strategies. As the Technology Director of both Inc & Co and Fresh Thinking Group, Dave is widely recognised for his award-winning software developments. He has managed major tech projects for leading brands, including Google, Matalan, SimplyBe, and EDF Energy, to name a few.

‘We are excited to be included within the Inc & Co collective,’ adds Katie Bates, Director of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships at MyLife Digital. ‘The breadth of capabilities in the digital agencies and B2C applications complements MyLife Digital’s purpose of trust, transparency, and accountability in the data world. Together we improve the customer journey, building engagement processes from the ground up. We provide clients with clarity and ownership over customers’ preferred communication channels and topics, so the right message can be delivered at the right time, whilst giving compliance teams the assurance that changes are evidenced.’

Learn more about MyLife Digital and book a free demo at https://mylifedigital.co.uk.

About Inc & Co

Inc & Co is a dynamic collective that acquires and transforms digital businesses so that they can thrive in competitive markets. The group has recently acquired a multitude of digital agencies, including the technology-driven marketing agency Neon, creative communications-led agency Brass, sport-focused agency Skylab and sports analytics business Insight Analysis. As one of Inc & Co’s newest acquisitions, MyLife Digital will join a wealth of performance-driven firms on their routes to market authority.

The holding group’s acquisitions collaborate with other companies under the Inc & Co umbrella, sharing professional skills and quality business resources to develop their services and offerings. With access to a host of specialist guidance, HR support, and funding from Fresh Thinking Group, Inc & Co’s acquisitions are in the best position to accomplish business transformation. The collective’s impressive talent pool provides all the support that a business needs to achieve organic growth.

Inc & Co supports start-ups, companies looking to sell, and businesses in need of financial support. The fast-growing collective is always on the lookout for creative agencies, especially companies that focus on design, software development, SaaS, PR, and marketing. Inc & Co nurtures the digital businesses that they bring into their collective, empowering these firms to grow their client and consumer bases and maximise return on investment.

Get in touch with Inc & Co by emailing [email protected] or calling 0161 532 4050.

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