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Crazy Vince Cable facts

24th Jul 17 12:17 pm

10 things you didn’t know

  1. He was elected as the leader of the Liberal Demoncrats last week so here are 10 things you didn’t know about Vince Cable:
  2. His full name is John Vincent Cable.
  3. At 74 years old he is the oldest leader of Liberal Democrats in their 30-year history.
  4. He ran unopposed in the Liberal Democrat leadership race after Tim Farron stepped down following speculation on his views on homosexuality and no one ran against him.
  5. He lived in Kenya for two years, working as a treasury finance officer for the Kenyan government and this is also where he met his first wife Olympia.
  6. He wears two wedding rings, one for his late wife Olympia (who died of cancer in 2001) and one for his current wife Rachel.
  7. He is a part time cattle farmer with his wife in Hampshire.
  8. He has a PhD in economics from the University of Glasgow.
  9. He stood for parliament unsuccessfully on four occasions before being elected as MP for Twickenham in 1997.
  10. He is well published author and has written many novels trade and economics. He is currently working on his first novel a political thriller about life after Brexit called Open Arms.
  11. He is an accomplished ballroom dancer and took part in the 2010 Strictly Christmas special where he performed the foxtrot.

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