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Commodities continue to experience high volatility

by LLB Finance Reporter
28th Nov 23 9:25 am

With a combination of continuing geopolitical conflicts and high levels of inflation the financial markets continue to go through turbulence.

Consumers will be interested to note that commodities are experiencing high volatility while German pharmaceutical company, Bayer, is plummeting in value and Groupon’s value is increasing.

Kate Leaman, chief market analyst at AvaTrade, notes the volatility of commodities, Leaman said, “Looking at our most rising table last week, the increasing demand for platinum has led to a rise in its value. In fact, the platinum market is heading towards a 1.071-million-ounce deficit due to mounting demand and diminishing supply.

“Elsewhere, Groupon has witnessed a soar in value. This is following the discount company’s announcement of the commencement of $80.0 million fully backstopped rights offering for common stock which means shareholders are presented with the opportunity to buy new shares at a predetermined price which can often be discounted, making it attractive to investors.

“On our most falling table last week, natural gas has seen its share price decrease. This is due to milder than expected weather conditions coupled with a drastic decline in demand.

Nonetheless, as global geopolitical conflicts continue, the volatility of natural gas may be reflected in the rising and falling in the weeks to come.

“What’s more, Bayer has plummeted significantly in value. This is the lowest the drugmaker has fallen since 2019, losing approximately $8.3 billion in market value.

“The tanking of the German pharmaceutical company is due to the failure of its blood thinner trial which it abandoned, discouraging investors.”

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