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Choosing a complete coffee service for the entire office

by Sarah Dunsby
30th Jul 18 8:24 am

A day at the office cannot progress without a good cup of coffee. You may often find yourself waiting in line for a cup early in the morning or coming in late to find the pot empty. Without a proper office coffee set up there may not be enough to go around, or ample choices. There are many options that allow even large businesses to provide hot coffee to everyone at the same time. It is important to assess the needs of your individual group when deciding on a new coffee plan. Number of people, drinking habits, and favourite flavours should be take in to consideration.


Some office groups are too large for a one pot coffee maker. An industrial size machine, however, seems to large. You need to consider the amount of coffee drinkers in your office, guests, and how often people visit the coffee maker. Many people go back for a second boost later in the day. There are some office coffee machines that are great for medium size offices with moderate consumption practices. These have two or three pots that can be brewed separately, yet they it on a heated area so that the coffee stays fresh in each one. For extremely large offices, the vending machine option may be the most efficient option. This allows each person to choose the size of their cup without taking away from anyone else. Each cup is brewed fresh with several flavour options, making each cup a treat to look forward to.


Many office break rooms can become a pile of various flavoured coffees and creamers. Everyone seems to have a specific preference when it comes to their morning brew. With more than one pot or dispenser, you can offer several flavours of coffee at once. Single serve options also allow for greater variety without excess supplies to crowd your space. One thing everyone can agree on is having a fresh, hot cup at any time of day. Large vending options even allow users to choose how much sugar and creamer they prefer. It may also be important to consider a way to serve a non-caffeinated variety.


Some people have a cup or two of coffee in the morning, while others fill a large travel mug and sip on it throughout the day. There are even a few people that visit the coffee room every time their cup runs dry. Traditional coffee pots are great for those that like to choose a smaller or larger portion per cup. They also offer the best quality brew. Single serve coffee makers have little choice when it comes to portion size, yet everyone can have a fresh cup at any time of day. Many of these machines offer a little variety when it comes to cup size.

The office coffee room is easily the most popular area, especially in the morning. Many people also enjoy a second round of coffee during their afternoon break. It can be disappointing to run into work in a rush, only to find the coffee pot empty. Each office is different, consider the needs of your individual team members.

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