Home Business News China has invaded and surrounded Taiwan’s territory with military drills amounting to a blockade of sea and air space

China has invaded and surrounded Taiwan’s territory with military drills amounting to a blockade of sea and air space

by LLB political Reporter
3rd Aug 22 10:28 am

In response to the top US politician Nancy Pelosi visit to Taipei China has invaded and surrounded Taiwan’s territory with live firing military drills.

Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said China has broken United Nation rules and they will counter any incursions into its territory.

It said the live-fire exercises amounts to a blockade of Taiwan’s sea and airspace which risks “endangering international shipping lanes, challenging the international order, undermining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, and endangering the area.”

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Defence accused Beijing of using psychological warfare by urging people to report “fake news.”

Russia backed China’s stance on Tuesday, with Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, calling Pelosi’s visit “provocative.”

He said, “Everything that relates to this tour, to the possible visit to Taiwan, is of course of provocative character.”

He added, “Here we are in absolute solidarity with China.”

James Chater, a freelance journalist and photographer based in Taipei, told Sky News that the live firing military drills “are now taking place as close as 12 nautical miles from the Taiwanese mainland.”

He added, “That marks a significant escalation from any of the grey zone warfare that we typically see from China targeted towards Taiwan on an almost daily basis.”

Pelosi said in a statement, “So now we look forward to our conversation about how we can work together, learning from you and sharing some thoughts ourselves on how to protect the planet from the climate crisis, how to accelerate and learn from you, how you address the Covid crisis, how we advance respect for all of the people in our countries as we go forward.”

She added, “And again, we come in friendship, we thank you for your leadership, we want the world to recognize that.”

Zheng Zeguang Beijing’s ambassador to London warned the US that “those playing with fire will get burned” and he warned the UK not to “dance to the tune” of the US.

He added Pelosi’s visit is a “highly dangerous trick” which “seriously violated” the highly considered “One China” belief meaning that the US cannot treat Taiwan as independent.

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