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Top AI tools every game developer should know

by Sarah Dunsby
25th Jan 24 8:02 am

Game development is a challenging and complex undertaking with many intricate coding problems to overcome. Indie developers, in particular, usually face an uphill battle as they try to develop games and compete against large-scale gaming studios with abundant resources.

However, the game development landscape has undergone a rapid transformation with the advent of AI tools. The emergence of ChatGPT and similar deep learning technologies has paved the way for a new era.

Now, with the help of AI tools, indie developers can complete complex coding tasks like graphics creation, natural language processing, and other capabilities that were once exclusive to a few. With these AI tools, game developers, including those focusing on online casino games, can now create their titles more easily.

It even extends to complex themed games that were once nearly impossible to develop. But, using the tools listed below, gaming just got much better and much easier.

GANimator: Empowering gaming creators with AI-boosted animation

Animating lifelike movements frame by frame is an arduous and time-consuming task, requiring countless hours of meticulous work. But with GANimator, this problem can be solved by simple prompts.

Through the power of advanced algorithms, GANimator studies professional animations as a reference, allowing it to generate in-between frames, overlays, and additional poses while preserving unique style features that set each animation apart.

Just imagine the possibilities! This automation liberates artists, enabling them to independently achieve professional-quality output, eliminating the grueling task of manually creating every frame.

Games that were once impossible to build, especially in the online casino space, could now be done using machines. Renowned online casinos can now greatly expand their range of casino games thanks to software providers like Pragmatic Play and Microgaming who are now incorporating AI into their game design process.

Charisma AI: Breathing life into unforgettable characters

When it comes to gaming narratives, believable characters are the secret ingredient that impresses gamers. But let’s face it: coding complex characters and personalities from scratch is no walk in the park. That’s where Charisma AI swoops in with its groundbreaking, emotionally intelligent character generational engine.

This remarkable AI delves into a vast database of fictional personas, gathering valuable insights to generate new non-player characters (NPCs) that are astonishingly lifelike. Picture this: NPCs with consistent personalities that seamlessly adapt and respond in humanlike dialogues, effortlessly recalling prior interactions. It’s like witnessing a virtual being with a tangible soul. No wonder industry giants like Warner Bros are entranced by Charisma AI’s capabilities.

Using Charisma AI, the development of games can be simplified to a more streamlined and efficient process since the tedious task of programming intricate character personalities is significantly reduced.

Hidden door: Transforming fiction into immersive roleplaying experiences

When it comes to creating role-playing games, no tool beats Hidden Door. They have crafted an extraordinary AI that transforms your favorite works of fiction into visually stunning realms, allowing you to embark on your personalized game adventure.

With their advanced natural language model, you can feed this AI with books, comics, and TV shows and watch in awe as it generates captivating images that respond to your chosen paths. It’s like stepping into the pages of your beloved stories and witnessing them come to life before your eyes. It’s an absolute game-changer!

But that’s not all. Hidden Door understands the importance of creating a safe and inclusive user environment. They prioritize user safety by implementing vital moderation, ensuring that everyone is able to immerse themselves in the wonders of collaborative storytelling without any concerns.

Spellbrush: Streamlining anime illustration

For anime illustrators, Spellbrush provides a video game illustration platform that harnesses the power of AI and deep learning to assist with line art, coloration, sketches, and concept art.

Spellbrush’s AI technology helps illustrators and animators complete their work up to 10 times faster by automating many tasks involved in shading, rendering, and coloring illustrations.

Their latest generative AI endeavor, Niji Journey, is a collaboration between Spellbrush and the renowned image generator Midjourney. Niji Journey focuses on anime image generation and produces higher-quality anime-style images compared to Midjourney alone.

Scenario: Empowering developers with proprietary art generation

Scenario’s GenAI empowers developers to design custom art generators trained on their content. This platform eliminates concerns about image ownership, allowing users to build their proprietary AI engine.

To train the AI, users simply need to input a few example pictures of characters, props, or environments. Once the AI software has been trained, it functions similarly to any other text-to-image generator, enabling developers to generate new and unique artwork based on text prompts.

GenAI’s versatility makes it an ideal tool for video game developers who want to build their own distinct art style or generate assets for their games.

AI meets game development

These five generative AI tools are the vanguards of a new era in video game development. From character-building to animation, world-building, illustration, and art generation, these tools offer game developers the means to enhance their creative process and deliver captivating gaming experiences. As technology speeds up, expect even more innovative and groundbreaking generative AI tools to emerge, redefining how video games are created and experienced.

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