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The UK is skint: It’s time we stopped throwing money at our problems and fix them ourselves

25th Apr 24 8:43 am

More than 80 years ago we managed to rescue 338,000 British and French soldiers from the grasp of Hitler’s advancing war machine.

So why today can’t we stop rubber boats full of illegal migrants flooding into the country across the same stretch of water?

Lost Sovereignty

How is it that in 1940 we were able to enforce our sovereignty over the English Channel to reclaim our defeated army to fight another day, but today our sea-power seems only to involve a rescue and a free hotel?

Where has our sovereignty gone? What has happened to our bulldog spirit, and determination to stand on our own two feet in the modern world? It seems to me that it’s not only our workforce that has gone soft, it’s the cowardly way we surrender to the woke-world that has overtaken us.

Backing Israel & Ukraine

It makes no sense to support Israel in its fight against the terrorists of Hamas, and Ukraine as it battles Putin’s criminal Russian state, but when it comes to defending our own borders we’re weak as water.

Royal Navy

If Rishi was serious about making the UK unattractive to illegal migrants he’d order the Royal Navy to start intercepting the damn boats in the middle of the English Channel, turn them around, and send them back to France. But instead he’s dreamed up a way to give Rwanda £370 million to pretend to take the illegals in the hope that they will be put off coming.

We’ve become a weak nation

The sad truth here is that the Rwanda debacle isn’t just an example of a government that has lost the plot, it’s far worse. It’s an example of how we have become a weak nation unable to solve our own problems. We are so frightened of pissing people off that we prefer to dodge the big issues, and rather than fix them, we throw money at them and hope they will go away.

Freeloaders all of them

Foreigners want to come here illegally, so we let them come and then dream up with some hair-brained scheme to farm them off to Africa.

Our own citizens don’t want to work, so we sign them off sick and give them free money to live. Interestingly the two problems are more connected than you’d first think, since it’s the wonderful welfare state; the benefits, the free healthcare and education that make us such an attractive mark in the first place.

And if people don’t believe me they should ask why all these so-called refugees don’t make their new homes in France!

Grow a pair!

The thing is, apart from growing a pair as a country and reclaiming our national respect we also can’t any longer afford to be subbing millions of people who are not prepared to contribute to society. There should be no free lunches except for those who are really in need, the rest need to pull their weight.

Massive welfare bill

Last year the UK’s benefits bill was £231 billion, with 9.6 million people, more than the total population of an Israel, Austria or Switzerland, not working or even looking for work. Of that figure 2.8 million workers, the equivalent to the entire population of a Jamaica or an Albania, have been signed off as long-term sick.

Our national debt (2.65 trillion) is the same as the total of everything we make and produce as a country in an entire year, the annual NHS budget is £163 bn, Education £116 bn, and defence £48.6 bn. There is much more but I think the point is clear. We’re skint as a nation and it’s time we took matters into our own hands by stopping the boats coming from abroad and the bludgers at home, sucking the system dry.

Sooner or later the system will collapse

Whatever we do to solve our current difficulties we can’t keep going the way we are. Sooner or later if we continue to have more people receiving benefits, British born or foreign, and less working, generating wealth and paying taxes, the whole system will collapse. It’s not too late, but the numbers are shocking and the clock is ticking.

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