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Ukraine warned they’re facing a ‘bleak outlook’ as they have six months left

24th Apr 24 3:00 pm

Ukraine is facing “almost insurmountable” challenges as Russian forces are growing and are gaining ground.

A former British Army officer has warned that Ukraine has just six months left as Moscow will be able to achieve “significant success” by the summer.

Ukraine will receive £49 billion of military aid later this week after Washington finally approved the plans, which should have been sent last year.

Colonel Richard Kemp said that multi-billion military aid package from the US will simply help to stabilise the frontlines for a while until they run out of ammunition, they will not be able to take back the land captured by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

A US general with more than 37 years in the American military has warned that Ukraine will fall into Putin’s hands within a “matter of weeks.”

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Commander General Christopher Cavoli said that Ukraine is no match for Russian forces and their superior weapons.

The US Congress failure to supply Ukraine with military aid until now has meant that Washington has handed Putin a victory as the Russian army have the initiative on the frontlines.

Writing in The Telegraph Kemp said, “While the new aid packages might allow that to be blunted, they will not enable Ukraine to seize the initiative and go back onto the offensive.”

Col. Kemp added, “One reason for this is that Russia has achieved air supremacy in many areas while ground based air defences will remain inadequate.

“Another is that a war-weary Ukraine simply doesn’t have enough troops and after more than two years hard fighting seems reluctant to launch the major mobilisation it needs.”

He said that for many months Moscow have been growing their wartime economy and the Kremlin is “willing to sacrifice” enormous “force levels” to “achieve Putin’s goals.”

He added, “If Moscow is able to achieve significant success in the summer, perhaps including taking Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, there will be no appetite for more Western spending come the winter.

“This bleak outlook will be worsened by the added uncertainty surrounding general elections in both the US and UK.

“It looks like, as in previous wars, Russia will have begun badly but finished well through a level of determination so badly lacking among Ukraine’s allies in the West.”

On Wednesday the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on X, “The key now is speed.

“The speed of implementing agreements with partners on the supply of weapons for our warriors.

“The speed of eliminating all Russian schemes to circumvent sanctions. The speed of finding political solutions to protect lives from Russian terror.

“Every leader who does not waste time is a life saver. Every state that knows how to act quickly safeguards the rules-based world order.

“I thank everyone in the world who helps our people restore normal life after the Russian strikes. I thank everyone who helps our warriors defend the cities and villages of Ukraine from Russian evil.”

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