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CBD oil: Is it addictive or not? The surprising answer

by John Saunders
16th Dec 20 12:34 pm

The attribute of addiction can affect anyone, no matter what personality type or age you are. However, did you know some people are more susceptible to it than others? Although, according to researchers and psychologists this may not be the entire fact, as most of us believe. Some people can use drugs and alcohol for recreational uses once in a while and never crave it again, while others, get hooked from the first time they try these materials.

According to this site, some people can dabble in it while others get addicted not because of a personality trait but more of a brain disorder. To date, there has been no factual evidence to say that people have an addictive personality. The reason that this term is used is to do with an umbrella of characteristics that “fit” those who are more inclined to re-use certain things in comparison to others who will make do with only trying it once.

Some of these traits include those who have low self-esteem, who are impulsive, or risk-takers, or those who tend to be dishonest and selfish, also people who lack personal goals and suffer from mood swings or get irritated easily are included in this assemblage. In other words, it’s not to say that certain people will become addicted to substances easier, but if they do have some or all of the above characteristics, their chances are higher.

Moving on, then, to CBD. A lot of people ask the same question, whether CBD Oil is addictive or not. And this article will discuss this topic to help people understand the answer more clearly.

Is CBD oil addictive or not?

In its simplest form – pure cannabidiol, such as the one available here: http://www.cheefbotanicals.com/ and has been extracted via ethical means, with the THC separated from it (the component that makes you high), is a non-habit-forming substance. In other words, it is non-addictive. If combined with the THC it can cause some psychoactive feelings which may lean towards wanting more, however when it is separated from this substance it is far from that, and many have used it only as and when they need it, once in a while or only in a social setting.

The fascinating thing about it is, CBD has been used in medical research to help people curb their addictions. So instead of it being an addictive substance, it is used to help people stop using substances that are addictive and dangerously harmful for them. Studies published on reputable websites state the use of cannabidiol as an intercession for addictive mannerisms in individuals, and state the same; it is used to curb addiction and not to increase it.

The point to note here is that every individual has their personal experience when using this component and the majority of them have never reported any negative side-effects, which is something to consider.

Why people use CBD oil

So, why should people use this hemp plant extract? Because unlike the majority of the plant families available on earth, this one has to be the one researched the most. Many have heard and experienced numerous positive things about it, including in the medical field.

Ranging from treatments done on patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, certain forms of cancer, pain, and inflammation, including many other treatable conditions, and all these treatments, studies, and in-depth research analysis have for the most part proven to be valid and of a positive outcome.

There are numerous reasons people use it besides curing a health condition, such as to enhance their bodies overall functionality and the mind, this is mainly because it acts in a partnership between the ECS, which is your Endocannabinoid System, and is central in controlling the majority of the bodies functions from mood, energy, pain, sensation, appetite, hormones, stress receptors, and muscle control. There is a magnificent form of communication that happens between the body’s ECS and CBD, which only one’s body knows and can feel the benefits themselves.

When used in conjunction with your body, CBD oil provides an assortment of health benefits, not just on the inside but also on the outside when applied topically, which is incomparable to any other natural plant extract found on earth. This plant species has been around for a very long time and has been used for health purposes for over 5000 years, something as wise as this cannot be mistaken for a mere plant, but rather a plant of a multitude of applications. It is universal, multifunctional, and versatile, all at the same time.

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