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Can workwear really increase productivity in the workplace

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15th Mar 21 11:29 am

If you’re a business owner, discovering anything which claims to increase productivity within your business may sound too good to be true. Especially when that something is as simple as providing your team with workwear. But believe it or not, wearing professional or industrial workwear can actually have a huge impact on your staff!

Whether you work in a professional office setting, on a construction site, or in a retail store, there are benefits to be gained from providing your staff with even just one item of work clothing – even if this is just a branded or colour coded polo shirt, t-shirt or jumper. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why workwear can be so beneficial to your staff – and in turn, your business.

Gives a sense of purpose

One of the many things that drives us as human beings is the sense of purpose and satisfaction we get from work. And stepping into uniform or workwear first thing in the morning can really help us get into the right frame of mind for the day ahead. That subconsciously instilled sense of purpose then stays with us throughout the entire working day.

Increases comfort

If your staff are required to work in cold temperatures, in the rain, or maybe in uncomfortable positions, such as kneeling down, or in small, confined spaces for long periods of time, then increasing comfort is key. If you can provide them with appropriate workwear which increases their comfort, for instance keeping them warmer or dryer, then naturally they’re going to feel happier and in turn, more productive. Think about the conditions your staff have to work in every single day, and whether there’s anything you could do to make them feel physically more comfortable.

Reduces mental fatigue

Have you ever heard of the well-known CEOs who wear the same outfit to work every single day? Maybe you might remember Steve Jobs and his iconic polo neck shirt? Well there’s a good reason they choose to do so, and it’s all down to decision fatigue. They simply don’t want to waste their ‘decision making’ energy on such small insignificant details, such as what they’ll wear that day. They want to save that mental energy for the bigger, more important decisions they’ll need to make at work later that day. So by giving your staff workwear, you’ll actually be relieving them of having one more decision to make that day, increasing their mental capacity by the time they get to the office.

Keeps them safe

When your staff work in environments with high-risks and potential hazards, then workwear which can keep them safe and accident free is essential. It’s something that should be considered as part of every workplaces’ health and safety assessment. If you can relieve staff from potential risks in the workplace, then you’ll reduce the amount of accidents and therefore time needed away from the office.

We hope now you can see quite how important a role workwear can have in the workplace. If you’re looking for a solution to keep your employees safe, happier, comfortable and of course productive, then maybe introducing workwear could be the right choice for your business?

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