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Cameron lambasted for spending £9.3m on pro-EU leaflets, take a look at some angry responses

7th Apr 16 11:45 am

The government is under fire for spending £9.3m on an anti-Brexit leaflet.

The leaflet warns that an EU exit would put jobs at risk and result in prices of household goods shooting up.

London Mayor Boris Johnson hit out at the government for using public money to “scare people”.

He said; “Given that I think it’s very likely that it will be very biased and hysterical and warning unnecessarily about the risks of leaving the EU, I think it’s a complete waste of money.

“It’s crazy to use quite so much taxpayers’ money on stuff that is basically intended to scare people and to stampede people in one direction.

“I think what we want is a proper, informed debate and if you are going to use taxpayers’ money, you should allow people to put the other side of the case as well.”

Labour MP Graham Stringer, a supporter of Brexit, said that the leaflet was an attempt to divert attention from the prime minister’s immediate problems about his income”,

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: “He [Cameron] is failing to answer questions. He hasn’t answered the questions about his historical income and whether that has come from tax havens or not. He needs to answer that question and it’s clearly very uncomfortable for him, and this diverts attention.”

Former defence secretary Liam Fox told Sky News: “It’s rather like the government of the day sending out a propaganda leaflet ahead of a general election – I think we would all regard that as quite outrageous.

“I don’t want my taxes to be used for pro-EU propaganda so when I get my leaflet, I’m going to stick it in an envelope addressed to No 10 and I would urge millions of others to do exactly the same.”

A number of people took to Twitter today to say they plan to post the leaflet back to Number 10.






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