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Business telecoms: Challenger brands vs legacy dinosaurs

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11th Oct 21 4:18 pm

The largest digital transformation of a generation to the UK telecoms network is emerging and changing how SMEs do business. Small businesses no longer need to rely on century-old landlines or complicated enterprise phone systems intended for large corporates. Technology is creating new solutions for critical connected services like business phone lines and broadband connectivity, designed specifically for business owners and not IT wizards.

The rise of challenger telecommunication brands, like bOnline Ltd, is disrupting small business connectivity and telephony services by offering customer-focused, simple to use and precisely tailor-made solutions that SMBs need. And the legacy, ‘dinosaur’ providers are struggling to keep up.

Openreach has declared they will be switching off their existing PSTN and ISDN network by 2025 and switching to a single digital IP network. That means more than 6 million businesses across the UK will need to upgrade to a digital solution. When it comes to choosing a provider, could a challenger brand be the right solution?

What is a challenger telecoms brand?

Challenger telecoms brands are big news attracting millions in investment. The UK sits at the leading edge of the challenger telecoms movement, with the new entrants challenging the legacy providers by focusing on what business owners want and meeting their needs with innovative, simple and affordable tech-based solutions.

The rise of challenger telecoms follows on from the deregulation of the traditional phone and broadband services, but the increase in forward-facing VoIP phone system start-ups delivering digital solutions is due to the UK network’s all-digital upgrade.

Legacy ‘dinosaur’ providers vs challenger brands

Traditional or legacy telecoms providers have a reputation for being focused on profits, slow to change and out of touch with their customers. There is little differentiation between the services they offer, with Ofcom prices rising every year and service levels dropping due to customer complaints and a significant loss of customer trust.

Challenger telecoms providers, like bOnline Ltd, are disrupting the underserved market of small business owners with new digital services aimed at helping their business succeed. They are changing how phone lines and fibre broadband work with a digital-first approach, offering new and innovative solutions. Their focus on customer-driven solutions and flexibility makes them learn and keeps them competitive, able to provide products and services directly driven by the needs of SMBs.

What do challenger brands like bOnline offer your business?

Excellent customer experience with fast and personal onboarding, challenger telecoms providers deliver a service that fits your business and will offer everything larger providers do, at an affordable rate and excellent service. Challenger brands, like bOnline, provide an excellent customer experience at the heart of their operation to win business from customers who are fed up with dinosaur providers.

Challengers, like bOnline, occupy the digital space with features including 24/7 call management, mobile and desktop apps to work remotely, video and conferencing as well as dashboards and actionable insights that are valuable for small businesses. All of this can be accessible in just 10 minutes with fast, no installation or engineer setup.

Technology and innovation

Challengers are ideally placed to benefit from the digitisation of the UK network. That puts UK SMBs at the leading edge when it comes to benefiting from new developments. With higher levels of internal employee engagement and loyalty, challengers can continue to innovate and disrupt, especially with a workforce that shares their goals and vision. In comparison, traditional providers are stale and stagnant. Its tech offerings may not be user-friendly or responsive to user needs.

Making the right choice for your business

A small business cannot thrive or perhaps even survive without a digital-first approach in 2021. Simply put, it means approaching your business with solutions that are as digital as possible. A VoIP digital phone system, full-fibre connectivity, and a sophisticated website (yes challengers like bOnline also offer websites) are now affordable and should be the priority for businesses looking to scale while keeping costs low.

A bOnline digital phone line with unlimited calls cost £9/month versus £30/month with legacy providers like BT. Add to that the 50+ features that improve your productivity (remote working, call flows), professionalism (business hours, greetings, hold music, call queues), and revenue (no missed customer calls) then a challenger phone system is a no-brainer.

The pandemic has forced everyone to step up their game and digitally mark their presence, and soon all businesses will need to upgrade to a digital solution. Make a move and contact bOnline today for a hassle-free transition and experience first-hand how life-changing the VoIP phone system can be for small business owners.

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