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Business networking tip: Plan bingo gatherings

by Sarah Dunsby
27th Apr 23 3:22 pm

If you’re a business professional, you know that networking is of the utmost importance. When you plan exclusive gatherings, you can bring people to you, rather than having to attend networking mixers and events. Planning a bingo night gathering is an excellent idea to get business pros you know under one roof for a night of entertainment. Here are some tips that can help you out.

Choose your online bingo platform and get your devices ready

If you’re going to start hosting bingo nights, you need to make sure that your setup is up to par. Consider your bingo game of choice and find platforms that provide them. You can find online bingo at Paddy’s and other sites. These sites have hundreds of different bingo lobbies, themes, and formats. You can play bingo against people around the world both for free and for real money.

Because you have so many games available, always make sure that you set up different stations with tablets and laptops so that your guests can try out whichever games they’d like. Install power strips so that these devices are always charged, and make sure that your Wi-Fi network signal is strong enough to accommodate however many players join your bingo night.

Have business-related goals in mind

Online bingo is an excellent game for people who hate networking. It involves vocal communication, requires everyone to pay attention, and involves large groups of people.

Rather than strictly playing bingo and socializing, make sure that you have some business objectives in order. For instance, you can formalize your network group into a professional club that members pay dues to. This can go toward attending seminars, holding informational sessions, and otherwise furthering your career. From there, your bingo nights can become an extension of the club.

You might also choose to create a business venture. Having a lot of talent under the same roof can foster fresh new ideas that you would never get in a vacuum. Set goals for your bingo nights so that you can work on furthering your careers in between the fun and socialisation.

Make sure everyone has their accounts in order

After choosing the platform, make sure to refer all your guests to information about it so they feel comfortable registering for an account.

Encourage your guests to figure out their accounts and payment options in advance so that they don’t have any hang-ups once bingo night starts. If you’re playing online bingo, you’ll also have several options to choose between. In addition to credit and debit cards, many online bingo sites allow options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Some bingo sites even take crypto. Coin Market Cap lists the top crypto gaming tokens up to the moment. Figure out your payment method of choice so that you’re able to wager on your terms.

Start with these tips so that your networking experience happens on your terms. Instead of getting a group of professionals together to hit a bingo hall, you can bring the bingo experience to them by planning your own gathering.


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit https://www.begambleaware.org

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