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Britons consistently back support for Ukraine, ahead of many other nations

by LLB Reporter
27th Apr 22 12:30 pm

A new global study from Ipsos has found that Britain ranks among the highest of the 27 countries polled when it comes to supporting Ukraine through a range of measures.  However, as with other countries, there is little appetite in Britain for direct military involvement.

When it comes to humanitarian support, 84% of Britons support taking in Ukrainian refugees from the current conflict, just behind the global leader Sweden (89%) and ahead of the global country average of 74%. While economically, despite 50% of Britons believing that the UK can’t afford to lend financial support to Ukraine given the current economic crisis, 67% believe that paying more for fuel and gas because of sanctions against Russia is worthwhile to defend another sovereign country (ahead of the global average of 54%). When asked hypothetically about support for a county invaded by another, Britain, Sweden and Poland lead the way with 4 in 5 (82%, 83% and 83% respectively) saying their country must support another sovereign nation invaded by other countries (ahead of the global average of 70%).

There is though little support for more direct military involvement.  Two-thirds think Britain should not get militarily involved in the conflict (65%, global country average 72%), perhaps partly because of the belief that taking military action will encourage attacks on other countries (69%, in line with the global average of 68%).

In terms of further support for Ukraine there is also backing by Britons for a range of other measures. 3 in 4 Britons (75%, higher than the global country average of 48%) believe that Britain should put additional economic sanctions in place against Russia and two thirds of Britons (66%) believe that we should ban imports of oil and gas from Russia even if this leads to further price increases, (higher than the global average of 40%). Britons (58%), the Dutch (63%) and Canadians (58%) rank highest for sending troops from their country to NATO countries bordering Ukraine (global average of 32%). Britons also have some of the highest levels of support for providing weapons and military equipment to Ukraine (63% vs global average of 36%) as well as providing funding for the Ukrainian military (58%, vs global average of 33%).  Again, though, there is little support for sending in British troops to Ukraine, at 24% (not too different to the global average of 17%).

Overall, Britons are paying attention to the war in Ukraine.  3 in 4 (74%) say they are following stories about it closely, while 84% think it poses a risk to the world and 66% to their country (although only 37% to their family) – all broadly in line with the global country average.

Kelly Beaver, Chief Executive of Ipsos in the UK, said: “This global survey suggests Britons are broadly in step with the UK Government’s desire to take a lead in supporting Ukraine through the invasion.  This supports the belief in Britain – already higher than in many other countries – that we have a responsibility to play a global role.

However, the UK Government should be aware of the differing views of the public in other countries when it comes to providing support to Ukraine, with others being less forthcoming than the British public. The public opinion in their own countries will be of importance to other governments as the British Government seeks to build a coalition to support Ukraine.

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