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British public expect Biden to be better than Trump in every measured attribute

by LLB political Reporter
20th Jan 21 2:53 pm

The British public expect Joe Biden to be better than Trump in every measure which was asked about, according to a new poll by Savanta ComRes.

This includes almost half (47%) of UK adults saying that President-elect Joe Biden will be better at working constructively with the UK than outgoing President Donald Trump. Just one in six (17%) expect that Joe Biden will be worse than Trump at working closely with the United Kingdom.

A slightly smaller proportion (42%) expect Biden to be better at forming a close bond with the UK Prime Minister than Trump, with just 18% saying that he’ll be worse than the outgoing President.

The poll comes as Joe Biden is due to be inaugurated as President of the Unites States of America today (20th January) at around 5pm UK time.

The greatest better-to-worse differential comes in relation to tackling the Covid-19 pandemic (58% vs 12%), communicating to the American people (56% vs 14%) and representing America on the global stage (54% vs 14%).


The President-elect also comes out on top in the minds of a British audience when it comes to metrics that could have been expected to be more favourable to Trump, including improving the American economy (47% vs 16%) and improving the lives of white, working class Americans (46% vs 14%).

British people also seem to favour Biden when it comes to global politics, stating that he will be better, rather than worse, than Trump on defending democracy around the globe (49% vs 14%), bringing about word peace (45% vs 15%) and in terms of US-China relations (43% vs 16%).

Chris Hopkins, Political Research Director at Savanta ComRes said, “These results are most likely not a reflection of Joe Biden being exceptionally popular in the UK, but of the fact that his predecessor is held in historically low regard. Nonetheless, most Britons clearly have positive expectations for the new president. That includes matters that could affect them, such as the US President’s relationship with the UK Prime Minister and how the US government works with the United Kingdom, and regarding Biden’s positive impact on the global stage more generally.”

Results in full

To what extent do you expect Joe Biden to do better or worse than the outgoing President, Donald Trump, in each of the following areas?

Tackling the COVID-19 pandemic

Better 58%

Worse 12%

Communicating to the American people

Better 56%

Worse 13%

Representing America on the global stage

Better 54%

Worse 14%

Improving racial equality in America

Better 53%

Worse 14%

Tackling climate change

Better 52%

Worse 12%

Improving the lives of non-white, working class Americans

Better 51%

Worse 14%

Defending democracy around the globe

Better 49%

Worse 14%

Working constructively with the United Kingdom generally

Better 47%

Worse 17%

Improving the American economy

Better 47%

Worse 16%

Improving the lives of white, working class Americans

Better 46%

Worse 14%

Bringing about world peace

Better 45%

Worse 15%

USA-China relations

Better 43%

Worse 16%

Forming a close bond with the UK Prime Minister

Better 42%

Worse 18%

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