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Brexit: Lower net migration may not be the outcome

6th Mar 17 2:47 pm

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Peers have warned that the end of EU free movement may not result in a decline when it comes to net migration.

As well as this cutting EU migration will not bring with it a “quick fix” for low wages, this is according to a House of Lords Report.

Prime Minister, Theresa May has spoken of making sure Brexit means taking control of UK borders. Ministers are yet to reveal how they will accomplish the new immigration system.

However, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said “we will be ending free movement as we know it”. The PM has already made it clear that current arrangements with the EU will come to a close.

The report from the Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee said: “Restoration of national control over EU migration may or may not, therefore, deliver a reduction in overall net migration.”

Net migration is the difference between people arriving and leaving the UK.

The figure dipped below 300,000 for the very first time in three years, this is the latest data showing the year until the end of September.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Once we have left the European Union it will be the Government that sets our immigration rules.”

“We are currently considering the various options as to how EU migration might work once we have left and it would be wrong to set out further positions at this stage.”

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