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Bouncy castle hire for parties and events

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14th Apr 21 10:21 am

Bouncy castles are the backbone of every successful party or event, it is even greater if the event has children, but this does not mean that adults should not participate in the fun. Ready Steady Castles hires bouncy castles and soft play, ball pool, among others. We offer our services mainly in London and other parts of the country too. It doesn’t matter if the party is inside or outside the house; we will rise to the occasion to ensure the event is thriving just like you wish.

How to hire a bouncy castle in London

The size of your event notwithstanding, we boast the necessary packages to make sure nobody is left out. We are the leading planners in children’s events, but this does not mean that adults should not participate in the fun; we also have packages for adults. Your garden’s space does not matter; no matter if it is large or small, our team will always have the correct package for you.

Worry not if the area to hold your event has a low-slung ceiling because we have many options, such as the low height packages. Small space events are not left out, too, as we have small castles that will fit in your space. Feel free to contact us, as our main aim is customer satisfaction.

Children and adult castles

At Ready Steady Castles, there are several packages used by both children, toddlers, and adults. Please contact us if you want to throw an event because we have many packages at your disposal.

Below we discuss what most clients enquire about before hiring these castles.

1. Price

Several factors govern the hire price, such as its size or type. On average, you will part with around 100 to 250 pounds. The advantage with ready steady is that it gives its clients various options to choose from depending on their estimated guest number, among others.

2. Are children safe in these castles?

Inflated bouncy castles are harmless for children between 7 and 14 years, and kids under the age of 5 are better off watched as they go about their business. This prevents any injuries from occurring, but these castles are generally harmless for children’s use.

3. What age bracket can use these castles?

Toddlers, children, and grownups mainly use these packages. They are suitable for children aged 14 and below. We have castles that are suitable for grownups too.

4. Do these castles let in water?

Most castles we offer are water-resistant, and most come with rain covers. The fact that they stay outside means that they are resistant to water. Please make sure they stay dry always to prevent any accidents from occurring. This might also make it hard for our staff to wash and store them.

5. What is the hiring process?

Ready Steady is the best place; suppose you want to hire a castle package. There are several packages, and all are available at affordable prices. With us, you are sure of quality services that match your money, and reviews from our past clients prove that.

6. Should you test them before use?

The health laws are apparent that you must test all equipment before use, which is not an exemption to our castles. All our packages are PIPA tested and certified to be in the best condition. Our castles meet the required European standards, and client safety is our main priority.

7. Can you erect these castles indoors?

Yes, you can erect them indoors, but only if you have enough space in your house to accommodate them. It is easy to install small and medium castles as they need less space than the huge ones. It would be great to check your area before hiring any package as this assists you settle with the best.

8. Are clients insured when using it?

Our company entails a 5 million insurance policy that covers all our clients, so be assured you are safe if anything comes up.


The questions above are among the most asked by new clients. Ready Steady Bounce has different types of castles for all events. For London Bouncy Castle Hire you can contact Ready Steady Bounce for your parties and events.

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