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Biden tells ‘Americans to leave Ukraine now’ as NATO warns Europe to ‘prepare for the worst’ as Russian troop numbers increase

by LLB political Reporter
11th Feb 22 11:27 am

The US President Joe Biden has told all Americans to leave the Ukraine now  as “things could go crazy quickly” as “Russian forces” are increasing on the border.

Biden told NBC news that the situation between Russia and Ukraine could deteriorate very quickly.

The US President warned, “American citizens should leave now.

“It’s not like we’re dealing with a terrorist organization.

“We’re dealing with one of the largest armies in the world.

“It’s a very different situation, and things could go crazy quickly.”

On Thursday The US State Department issued a warning that they “will not be able to evacuate U.S. citizens in the event of Russian military action anywhere in Ukraine.”

US military and intelligence assessments have warned that Russia is very capable to launch a full scale invasion and within 48 hours they would reach Ukraine’s capital Kiev and US citizens could be “severely impacted.”

Biden warned that he cannot see how US troops could help citizens trapped in Ukraine.

He said, “There’s not.

“That’s a world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at one another.

“We’re in a very different world than we’ve ever been.”

NATO has warned Europe and the West to to “prepare for the worst” as the number of “Russian forces” is increasing on the Ukrainian border.

NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned, “we must be prepared for the worst while remaining strongly committed to finding a political solution.”

The NATO chief added,  “The number of Russian forces is going up. The warning time for a possible attack is going down.”

William Courtney, Bill Clinton’s special envoy for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia in the nineties, agreed with Stoltenbergs’ assessment, he warned, “Russia could carry out a full-scale invasion with this force.

“It probably wouldn’t be enough to conquer all of Ukraine, but it would be big enough to occupy the eastern part of the country all the way to Odessa.”

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Thursday that Europe is on the brink of seeing something “absolutely disastrous” as Russia is to invade the Ukraine “very soon” and the intelligence looks “grim.”

During a press conference with the NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg Boris Johnson has promised that the UK will deploy more “troops, planes and ships” to Eastern Europe.

The Prime Minister said, “It’s possible that something absolutely disastrous could happen very soon indeed – and our intelligence, I’m afraid to say, remains grim.

“This is probably the most dangerous moment, I would say, in the course of the next few days, in what is the biggest security crisis that Europe has faced for decades, and we’ve got to get it right.”

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