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Best hair transplant clinics in Turkey

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11th Nov 20 2:06 pm

Turkey is located at the intersection of Asia and Europe and is significant for providing medical tourism. This country has become a top destination for individuals looking to get a quality hair transplant at a good rate. The medical procedures carried out in the country are lauded as some of the best. Also, the low-cost medical procedures compared to European and US countries make Turkey a popular destination to get a hair transplant. This article has provided a list to enable you to embark on your journey. While there are numerous doctors in the region, listed below are some contacts if you have questions or just starting or ready to undergo a hair transplant. We have ranked the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey and this is our top 3.

Best clinics in Turkey

1. CapilClinic

CapilClinic Turkey is a state-of-the-art clinic that offers stem cell treatment. Research has shown that this is the first European clinic providing stem cell treatments. They have got a professional medical staff that specializes in hair transplant and boasts of over a decade of experience working with patients from different parts of the world with advanced technologies in the scientific area. Clinicana medical team provides a wide range of cosmetic treatments. These treatments are supervised by professional doctors backed up with nurses and pharmacists to prescribe an effective treatment for every situation. Their staff are skilled in many languages and offer around-the-clock follow-up service.

The stem cell treatment came from the latest advancement in regenerative medicine coupled with the use of micro-injections of autologous cells gotten from the abdominal fat of the patient thereby increasing the number of the regenerative cells in the skin. The clinic is the largest private hospital group in Istanbul established in 2015 and has cutting-edge technology which features an advanced model. The hospital is certified by JCI – an international certification that ensures that the highest standards of health quality are provided.

JCI accreditation is the gold standard that applies to global health care and their consultants are the most experienced and skilled in the industry. Also, JCI is one of the leading non-profit patient safety organizations in the world. The amazing thing about this clinic is that they ensure that their clients are satisfied and will take care of everyone on site. They have been at the forefront of using state-of-the-art technologies in the industry.

2. Asmed – Koray Erdogan, MD

Dr. Koray Erdogan earned his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine, Hacettepe University. He established his transplant clinic in 2001 as well as participated in numerous seminars and conferences in the United States and Europe. By 2004, he had developed his customized FUE system referred to as the “Sequential Technique” that has been referenced in international publications and forums. Also, he demonstrated and validated this technique in several international workshops and congresses such as India, Malaysia, Italy, and Spain.

His FUE innovations have placed him above the majority of the FUE surgeons in the world. Also, he engaged in various operations like K.E.E.P. and KE-Bot robotic scanning system. His surgical planning is unmatched with a system that enables real-time surgical adjustments that deliver a natural and homogenized appearance. They have an artistic, mathematical, and scientific approach to hair restoration that featured advanced devices thereby delivering precision and accuracy as well as the results envisaged by the patients. This also positions ASMED as a top clinic in Turkey and a forerunner in this field on a global level.

Some elements made ASMED stand out amongst others such as full staff engagement, education, patient sensitivity, evolutionary training, logical approach, and science without it affecting the cost. One of the missions of this clinic is to educate their patients on their choices in a world that has to do with surplus misinformation. They intend to keep abreast of the evolving hair restoration field and continue to develop innovative and new ways to afford their patients new surgical techniques while their goal is to deliver life-changing results to their patients.

3. Dr. Muttalip Keser Clinic

Dr. Muttalip Keser specializes in plastic, esthetic, and reconstructive surgery. He is the first in Turkey to perform the FUE technique – a groundbreaking advance in hair transplantation. He started his scientific studies in late 2002 by focusing on scientific grounds. After an intense 20 months of research studies, he designed and manufactured Follicular Unit Extractor. This unique needle was designed by Dr. Keser and the rights are reserved for him. With the needles, it has made it possible for him to extract the follicular units without losing any anatomical unity.

There are several reasons why Dr. Muttalip Keser is among the best. First, he performs the whole procedure in an individual. Also, he performs FUE through manual punch which is referred to as the most effective technique of FUE. With this technique, the high probability of an excellent result is provided by a skilled and experienced surgeon. Dr. Keser made use of his self-design needles in his surgeries which enables him to harvest good quality grafts without affecting the follicle.

Another thing to note is that Dr. Keser doesn’t perform mega sessions but likes to do it step by step depending on the number of grafts. This may take a few days which is the best in order not to force the body resistance of the patient. In terms of dense packing and hairline design, Dr. Keser is widely known as one of the best surgeons by his patients as well as the hair transplant authorities. Also, the medical staff keeps communicating with the patients regularly and it is very easy to reach Dr. Keser or his medical staff for any further help. Patients are advised to update Dr. Keser about their hair’s condition and growth and seek help whenever they need without dillydallying.


You can see that all clinics are not the same and they don’t offer the same facilities to the patients as well as the accompanying persons. If you want to have a hair transplant treatment with positive results and do not want any unexpected changes or surprises, beyond the information provided in this post, endeavor to research on your own, and after considering your budget and other recommendations, select the best option for you

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