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Best countries for well-being revealed

26th Jul 17 9:42 am

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Britons’ sense of personal well-being has declined sharply over the past three years as financial pressures mount and put a strain on family health, new research from Cigna International Markets reveals. 

The findings, part of the 2017 annual Cigna 360° Well-being Survey, reveal that well-being has deteriorated in the UK compared to the 13 countries surveyed. The UK’s ranking in Cigna’s 360 well-being index has fallen from 3rd place in 2015, to 5th in 2016, with the UK ranking in 8th place in the latest survey released today. In terms of well-being, Britain now ranks behind India, Thailand, China, Spain, UAE, Indonesia and New Zealand in the global rankings. 

2017 Ranking Country
1 India
2 Thailand
3 China
4 Spain
6 Indonesia
7 New Zealand
8 UK
9 Turkey
10 Singapore
11 Hong Kong
12 Taiwan
13 South Korea

Peter Mills, Medical Director at Cigna Global Health Benefits, said: “Today, people are faced with an uncertain political and economic environment, and concerns about the future are inevitably taking a toll on their well-being. People feel that they are not spending enough time with their families, and they’re also worried about the future – for their children, for themselves and for their parents.

“Britain’s fall in the global rankings is not only a concern for families, but for businesses as well. It is a clear early warning sign that employers need to start thinking more deeply about how to better support employees’ work-life balance. With half our waking hours spent at work, it will require a combined work-life solution in order to improve the nation’s overall well-being.”

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