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Ban on polluting ‘microbeads’ enters into force in Britain

9th Jan 18 4:45 pm

Toothpastes, face scrubs, shower gels contain these polluting plastics

The UK ban on the manufacture of products containing “microbeads” has come into force today, meaning these small polluting plastics can no longer be used in cosmetics and personal care products in the country.

This ban will reportedly prevent “billions” of microbeads from entering the ocean each year. It is estimated that a single shower can flush away an estimated 100,000 microbeads, which later gets ingested by marine life and even end up entering our food chain.

The UK’s Environment Minister Therese Coffey announced today that producers of personal care products and cosmetics would not be allowed to add microbeads to “rinse-off” goods such as toothpastes, face scrubs and shower gels.

“The world’s seas and oceans are some of our most valuable natural assets and I am determined we act now to tackle the plastic that devastates our precious marine life,” Coffey stated, adding: “Microbeads are entirely unnecessary when there are so many natural alternatives available, and I am delighted that from today cosmetics manufacturers will no longer be able to add this harmful plastic to their rinse-off products.”

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