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B2B lead generation tips and tricks for 2020

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29th Jun 20 11:12 am

If only there was a magical formula that could guarantee tons of leads clogging up the pipeline and spending happily on your site. Well, there isn’t exactly a formula, but today I will be giving you some of the best tips and tricks to help you land B2B quality leads.

Let’s dive in.

1. Content matters

Understanding and creating the right content for your prospective buyers will place your business in the top-performing category of your industry. In fact, according to the CMI, eighty-five per cent of B2B’s said that their content marketing was driven by lead generation.

If you feel like your content is lacklustre and more in the realm of boring fluff, have no fear, a B2B lead generation company can help you pinpoint your users intent and create content that speaks to them. A B2B lead generation company are looking at two major metrics when determining how good your content marketing is: conversion and lead quality.

Source: HelloBar

2. Buyer persona

Another critical element to consider is buyer personas. Often overlooked, your buyer persona will help you tailor your content to engage your audience. Understanding their professional needs and goals should be a part of your strategy.

The obvious go-to tool here is, of course, Linkedin. For a B2B audience, Linkedin offers so much more than contact. Each profile will tell you so much about why and how your consumer decided to purchase. An example of a buyer persona may look something like this:

  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • How {OurCompany} helps
  • Messaging Strategy

This will take a fair bit of time and research but the data is priceless. Consider that when you outsource to a B2B lead generation company you are saving your teams time and energy and staying focused on “the close”.

3. Motivate action

Everyone has seen call-to-action buttons. In fact, most of the day we are inundated with them and may not even notice. From the boss telling us to send in that report now to your yoga studio telling us to renew your membership CTA’s get you to act.

That being said an irrelevant CTA can be a critical error. Keep these tips in mind for a CTA that works:

  1. Obvious, interesting, the text should be larger than all other content, use a colourful design
  2. Clear and precise directions. Example: Download Now for Our Top Ten B2B Tips vs. Click Here
  3. Images – Use psychology to draw your customers’ attention to the CTA so it doesn’t go unnoticed

Pro-Tip: Exit Intent popups – you may have already come across this but they help prevent click aways

Wrap up

Lead generation is easily the bread and butter of any company. Create content with a strategy in mind to get your users engaged and connected. Understand who you are selling too by creating a buyer persona. Ths persona will help you know your customers’ search intent. Choose a B2B lead generation company so you can do everything you need today!


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