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ASOS smashes expectations

by LLB Editor
13th Jan 21 11:08 am

By rights, ASOS shouldn’t be doing as well as it is. Its target market has nowhere to go at night to socialise with friends, so no need to buy new clothes to show off their latest style.

This same group is also highly vulnerable to unemployment, given how its target demographic represent a large part of the workforce in sectors affected by lockdown restrictions, namely retail and hospitality.

Therefore, the fact that ASOS keeps smashing expectations is a credit to the company’s marketing skills and service standards.

“You have to think why demand for its clothes remains so strong. One could suggest that people are bored at home and ordering goods gives them something to look forward to. We’ve become a nation of curtain twitchers eagerly awaiting the next delivery van or the postman.

“ASOS customers may also like to wear new clothes to keep their social media feeds fresh with new images.

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