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Apps such as Instagram, Tinder and maps are shrinking our brains

by LLB Reporter
15th Aug 17 10:19 am

A new study on Instant Gratification via Fetch

Using apps such as Instagram, Tinder, Omegle and maps shrinks our brains, according to mental health campaigner and co-founder of US, Pete Trainor.

“Mobile apps that need constant repetitiveness such as swiping left, scrolling up and blindly following directions are shrinking a part of the brain called the Hippocampus, which deals with spatial awareness, navigation and is also connected to our happiness and wellbeing”, said Trainor.

“We are breeding the mobile generation with a smaller Hippocampus, a generation that’s unable to ‘problem solve’, to make choices, to be self-sufficient and forage for the right options.”

Similarly, companies are increasingly tapping into consumers’ need for instant gratification, making things easier for us and giving us fewer chances to work our brain. As a result of this, 42 per cent of UK consumers admit they are more impatient today than five years ago and 85 per cent of millennials are frustrated with at least one technology service interruption, expecting seamless mobile connectivity*.

“Companies need to stop thinking ‘how can we hook people and keep them coming back’ like a 21st century drug dealer”, added Trainor.

Companies have a responsibility to consumers and in turn they will reap in the rewards. Instead of supporting the growth of a mobile generation of mindlessness, companies need to think about better ways of engaging so that we are not a future of “shallow consumers of information”.

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