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Android TV delivers user friendly experiences

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3rd Dec 20 4:09 pm

Android TV is Google’s smart TV platform. It offers consumers a tailor made  entertainment  experience.

Your Android TV will deliver exactly what you want to watch, straight to your home, across devices, via an internet connection, using a Google account and with an aerial fitted. No need to read reams of technical manuals, no losing patience with sticky navigation or hard to read on screen text when you access TV guides and information. Google has taken the time to develop a smart TV which gives you a unique service, from TV and films to streaming services, media content and games. What you watch won’t be what your neighbours view and the recommendations your TV gives you won’t be what they need to know about, unless you all view the same programmes in your street or cul de sac? Thought not. Your TV gets to know you so well that you may even consider it as another member of the family

Google’s Android TV is smart

It has taken the hard work out of your day. How could that be a bad thing? It’s organised, efficient, effective, personalised and competitively priced. You’ll never run out of entertainment options. Google Play Store, which is in-built has over 5000 apps and Google Assistant, also pre-installed offers access to over 500000 films and shows. Chromecast, another integral Google tool is also used for Android TV. Apps appear in a ribbon section on screen and Amazon Prime, Disney, Youtube, HBO Max and Netflix are among the various popular services supported by Android TV.  Downloading content is made simple, Techradar has used the word “dynamic” to describe its search functions

You operate Android TV with voice commands, what could be more convenient? There’s a remote too, so you really are the master or mistress of all you survey

You have the benefit with Google of familiarity; your phone, tablet, watch and even cars now use Android technology. You see it, work with and enjoy its strengths daily so why not extend this to your entertainment platform? You’ll be delighted with the results according to reviews

Amazon Fire and Roku market alternatives but do you have the confidence with them that you enjoy with Google Android?

 A new development in Android TV has arrived

 Blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all before, a new and revolutionary, one of a kind, never to be bettered, better than the rest super new product that you can’t live without, it’ll make you a cup of tea in the ad break…adverts for new and awesome bits of tech are all around us but, bear this is mind, the Android TV powered Humax AURA UHD Freeview Play 4K Recorder has no rival. It is unique. The impressive coordination of Android, Humax Direct and Freeview in one superb device is spectacular. There are no subscriptions, you have access to the most watched channels and programmes in the UK and the capability to add content as you wish, if you wish. You are in complete control

The Humax AURA UHD Freeview Play 4K Recorder delivers so much more than an average user experience, once you have one installed you’ll never want to part with it. Plus, you have the reassurance of a 2 year warranty, as standard

15 Core benefits of this device

  1. It is powered by Android TV.
  2. The device is easy to install and set up.
  3. You have the ability to pause, record and rewind live TV.
  4. You have access to 85+ channels and 15 of these are HD.
  5. There’s a 7 Day TV guide. Via 555 on the remote control freeview now offers a magnified print, high contrast or audible TV guide.
  6. Google Assistant, Google Play Store and Chromecast are pre-installed.
  7. Find excellent content easily. Make new discoveries or relive old favourites.
  8. Your most loved apps are in one convenient location.
  9. Use voice control; quick access is offered via a remote control key.
  10. Watch streamed live and recorded content via the Humax Aura app and download for viewing on the move.
  11. The Aura app streams shows to different devices.
  12. You have the ability to record 4 shows simultaneously whilst watching a 5th.
  13. There is capacity for 1000 hours of recorded content with the 2 Terabyte model and for 500 hours with the 1TB alternative.
  14. It’s simple to set up recordings and reminders.
  15. There’s a media server, plug-and-play USB.

Android TV  offers exceptional user friendliness, invaluable tools and has your satisfaction as its primary focus.

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