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Amber Rudd has said that up to 3,800 troops to be deployed on streets

24th May 17 11:30 am

Here’s why

The home secretary, Amber Rudd has said that up to 3,800 soldiers are to be deployed on the streets of the UK following the suicide bombing in Manchester on Monday.

Tuesday night Theresa May raised the UK threat level to critica,l which means an attack could be imminent. She said: “that members of the armed forces will help with security and may be deployed across key public events, sports events and concerts.”

Monday’s terror attack is the worst attack to have ever taken place in the UK since 2005 when we saw the 7/7 bombings.

Rudd told Sky News that the Libyan suicide bomber was known as Salman Abedi who was 22, and born in Manchester, was known by the intelligence services “up to a point.”

The French interior minister and other sources are saying that he had links to radical islamist groups, including Al-Qaeda and “proven” links to Islamic State.

Abedi was a university drop out and it is thought he travelled to Syria and it has been reported that he recently returned from a trip to Libya.

Rudd said: “He was known up to a point to the intelligence services. I’m sure we will get more information about him over the next few days and over the next few weeks.”

“What I can point out is that our intelligence services do a remarkably good job.”

“They have foiled 13 plots since 2013 and we need to give them the space they need to continue their investigation.”

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